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Mulayam in dock over casteist remarks

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Raman TS
by Raman TS on Apr 23, 2009 01:51 PM

It seems that the EC is very particular about remarks made against particular communities. The news media is equally particular not to disclose particulars about the identity of the particular communities. This is not a particularly desirable state of affairs. It would be more desirable if the Press, particularly the English Language Media, took particular care not to publish news in which the identities of the particular communities are to be kept secret. ELM and the rest of the Press should know that readers are always particularly eager to know the particulars if "particular community" is mentioned.

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Muslims & christians are terrorists
by vidhu on Apr 23, 2009 03:40 AM

People should not vote for congress because it is under the control
of christians.
Christians are terrorists because they believe in cheating, robbing &
murdering non-christians (to please jesus).
Christians, muslims, sikhs & jews are similar.
Ref.: myspace.com/vidhu2

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Pradip Parekh
mulayam's remarks are not nearly as offensive
by Pradip Parekh on Apr 23, 2009 12:40 AM

pls google "rahul and sukanya" before you walk into that voting booth. surely you wouldn't want to have a problem with your conscience, would you?

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New York
Why you must VOTE for candidates from your CASTE only?
by New York on Apr 22, 2009 08:37 PM  | Hide replies

Since Hinduism is based on CASTE hierarchies (not groups), it intrinsically seeds HATRED in your Children (e.g. Varun Gandhi).
* You must vote for your CASTE till 85% of all registered marriages in India are INTER-CASTE or INTER-FAITH.
* Only he can UNDERSTAND your culture and IMPROVE your socio-economic status.

And this is the only way to STOP dis-integration of India.

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GN Sri
Re: Why you must VOTE for candidates from your CASTE only?
by GN Sri on Apr 22, 2009 10:28 PM
No...I do not agree and the issue is not as simplistic as it is made out to be. Caste is the uniting factor amongst people. Hinduism has survived over centuries of onslaughter by foreigners, due to Caste system. In fact, Caste is one of the major advantages that enables recognition of the disadvantaged groups like SC etc so that they can be emanicipated as a group. Also, Caste enables the disadvantaged groups to unite and fight for equal rights.

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Re: Why you must VOTE for candidates from your CASTE only?
by vidhu on Apr 23, 2009 03:51 AM
to New York,
Christians have very evil caste system.
Christians believe in murdering non-christians & disloyal or fake-
christians (to please jesus).
Most christians think of themselves as true-christians, but think of
many other christians as disloyal
or fake-christians, especially if
they belong to different race &/or denomination.
Christians have hundreds of different denominations, like catholic,
protestant, lutheran & mormon etc.
Christians, muslims, sikhs & jews are similar.
Ref.: myspace.com/vidhu2

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