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Ex-CEC defends not resigning over Chawla

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Bhala Manoos
Just a Coincidence
by Bhala Manoos on Apr 21, 2009 11:16 PM

In March 2005, Mr. Navin Chawla was presented the Mazzini award by the Government of Italy "in recognition of his efforts to forge a new relationship with Italy and strengthening existing bonds". 2005 : The Mazzini Award from the Government of Italy. 2005 :

Wikipedia Navin Chawla

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Talibans and sycophant will be running Election Commission!
by oblivioushindu on Apr 21, 2009 10:50 PM

Its a brazen fact and reality how congress is perverting all autonomous institute for its own benefits and advantage. It glaring example is of CBI which is acting as a tool and instrument in the hand of Congress party. The recent fulmination of Supreme Court to CBI over Mulayam Singh Over accessive wealth case in which CBI have give a free shit to Mulayam under the influence of Congress Party demonstrate and exhibit the extreme case of abusiveness of our Premier Intelligent Agency by Congress for its own political and electoral gain.

Its a blatant fact that Navin is acting as a Mole of Congress party at Election Commission office and now he been prompted as Chief Election Commission not on his merit ground but his torrid royalty towards Pseudo Secular Kangress. Its really detrimental how institute like ELECTION COMMISSION, JUDICIARY AND LAW ENFORCING AGENCY have merely become the tools in Kangress

Kangress adroitly have exploited all autonomous institute which are the pillar of Indian democracy as they were free from political influence. This is detrimental for our democracy. Its time all who care and discreet to save indian democracy by the shackles of vulture Congress need to come together and cast then out.

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third law
by vijay on Apr 21, 2009 10:34 PM

to all looters i just want to say " don't forget newton's third law".italian mafia,sp,bsp,dmk,ljp,rjd,pmk,ld and its hooligans will one day realise it.

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Reward Gopalasami
by Patriot on Apr 21, 2009 10:13 PM

I think any subsequent party getting elected and who think they want to do good to the country's people should reward Gopalasami kind of person with higher responsible posts. Bring him back from retirement and his services are what we as a nation need. This is exactly how Congress has screwed our nation for all the last 60 years. Bring back Seshan, Gopalasami to serve people back from retirement. These are the people our nation needs in every place. Give them a portfolio with good authority and as long as politicians don't interfere, see how they change this nation.

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divakar tyada
Gopalaswamy quits as CEC
by divakar tyada on Apr 21, 2009 10:12 PM

The UPA is guided by mrs Sonia Gandhi and does not have any freedom to take decisions on merits. So, the recommendations of Mr Goplaswamy rejected by the President, who is also a nominated person like the P.M Dr manmohan Singh. Any thing now can happen aFTER THE PRESENT ELECTIONS BECAUSE she has the nominated P.M and the president. What surprise is there in rejecting the CEC recommendations ?

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k srinivas
Gopalaswami defends not resigning over Chawla issue
by k srinivas on Apr 21, 2009 09:53 PM

Yes every citizen in India knows that if
he resign then Sonia will Appoint osama as wel for that post if he give some oney to her. She will call rubberstamp and tell her to appoint osama bin. I observed that she is even trying to give max. importance in cristians( i am sorry to say but that is truth). Please people of India please end this vatican rule.

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sundar ananthanarayanan
Saving the nation from the internal enemy-Indian national Congres
by sundar ananthanarayanan on Apr 21, 2009 09:40 PM  | Hide replies

It is highh time gandhi's recommendation of disbanding Congress is given effect.Those scoundrels are responsible for the sordid state of affairs in every sphere,take it religion,economy,unemployment etc.Nehru was the first liability imposed on Gandhi for the funds and favours he got from Nehru family.Patel,Rajaji and other titans were hovering above Nehru which Gandhi prevented.In 1990s Congress shamelessly adopted whatever Rajaji wrote as his economic plan like abandoning public sector,abolition of permit-license-quota-raj.PChidambaram or PVNarasimhaRao did not have the grace to accept the pitfalls of Nehruvian economic model which has drained the resources and could not digest giving credit to Rajaji

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Re: Saving the nation from the internal enemy-Indian national Con
by ANAND TEERTHA on Apr 21, 2009 09:42 PM
In India all the statutory agencies are under the Sonia maino's feet !!!You are asking for the moon.

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Gopalaswami defends not resigning over Chawla issue
by ANAND TEERTHA on Apr 21, 2009 09:39 PM

Gopalaswami need not resign since he was a professional and duty bound while the Sonia's agent and rubberstamp President of India is also a bonded labor and she did her best to finish and or reject Gopalaswami's three applications on Sonia's disqualification.

The truth is that no body can challenge Sonia because she has captured President, the PM,CEC,RBI,Parliament etc., to bend rules and the people.

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