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''The bright India of today is not a myth

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Ananda Raj
Ultimate solution- Legalise criminal acts
by Ananda Raj on Apr 22, 2009 01:27 PM

Mao Tse Tung, when unable to control corrupt officials, he told public to beat them.
In India, we legalise corruption,blackmoney, abuse of power by respecting dirty money.

In front of CVC N.Vittal, Sundaram , age old Textile industrialist told his experience, in India, political corruption was started by Motilal Nehru only. British imposed control on cotton which affected Indian industries. During that time1930s, Motilal Nehru was good with British Queen and he had his own party.He had demanded Rs5 lakhs for the party when he was requested to represent the case to save the industry. Rs5lakhs =Rs 100 crore for today's value. He told,he was the first person to demand such a huge amount for his party.Later wounded his party safely to make money by using congress party by joining in it.
Later, even after independence, congress used cotton as a tool to threaten textile industries, even one kg of unaccounted cotton in stock was made punishable crime. Textile Committee was so powerful to force them donate. He had noted, many had committed suicide when unable to donate and face Textile committee.

Cotton Market speculation was criminal offense as gambling in the past.To day all commodities are under speculation market which drains our money out in trillions legally under corporate management.Neither farmers nor consumers benefitted.Every sweat of indian citizen make Swiss bank richer.By allowing World Gold Council in India, they increase, convert and drain our sweats to Swiss

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abboral boral
Capt Gopinath --a bright Indian
by abboral boral on Apr 21, 2009 09:23 AM

A real entrprenuer means who brings a products for mass consumptions with very reasonable price that is what the mantra of Capt Gopinath .No body imagin that an ordinery persons now a days can travell by air so I have great hope about this great person who can do some good job by joining next Gov irrespective of any Gov and Gov gets the benefit of his expertise . I would request Capt to focus next generation development is Rural India Development from where India can generate tremendous wide marketing base with 1 billion people of which nearly 70% people live in Rural India .Rural India is so far neglected last 60 years so I think there are huge scope for IT,Education,Housing ,Roads ,Rural tourism,Rural police force ,power,modern farming .Capt Gopinath can think of such business . I wish him all the success

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Man Mohan Singh and Advani........?
by surendra on Apr 21, 2009 08:15 AM

Advani tera Aa Gaya Ant
Manmohan to hai ek Sant

Advani's Ideal face is "Jinnah"
Manmohan Singh's Ideal face is Mahatama Gandhi.

Manmohan Singh nahi ye Aandhi hai
Doosra Mahatama Gandhi hai

Jago India Jago.

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Sumant Dhall

by Sumant Dhall on Apr 20, 2009 11:37 PM

Jalan Saheb,
If you really want criminals out of politics, the funding for Political parties has to become Tax dedcutable - and above board.

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