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SC to hear Varun''s plea tomorrow

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so unjustified using NSA on varun,
by dak on Apr 14, 2009 01:25 AM

use NSA on those corrupt offcials n politicains looting India n hving thousands of crores in swiss a/c n in benamy names,
use NSA on unfair unions, gunda's who threaten that they will only work on the ports n loading areas,
in tamil nadu, no auto's run on metre-- do book the tn cm on NSA for not governing n for not able to implement a simple law of making auto's run on metre

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Varun Gandhi
by venkat on Apr 13, 2009 01:02 AM

All the best.

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Politicians may come and go
by XYZ ABC on Apr 12, 2009 09:16 PM

The justice has to remain as a precedent.Hope justice will prevail.All the best, Varun.

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New York
Why Indians are QUITTING Hinduism and not other religions?
by New York on Apr 12, 2009 08:26 PM  | Hide replies

Hinduism is nothing but COVERT mask for Casteism which intrinsically seeds HATRED among your Children in India.

Hinduism's is a hierarchical-based system of keeping one class (Brahmins?) over everyone else.

In America there is no system in place today that forces people to remain separate or keeps one class subservient to another.
If you were born the son of a street sweeper, but excelled, you could become a doctor or lawyer or some celebrity or entrepreneur - and at the same time you would be fully accepted by your peers.

Not so in India. The caste system freezes everyone in place. It is extremely difficult - almost impossible - for someone from the lowest caste to rise in education and social status.

A Dalit would never be allowed to marry into one of the higher castes and would never be accepted as an equal.
And for a Dalit to make it into MEDICAL school or opening a RESTAURANT or become a member of high SOCIETYin India is very rare indeed.

Only by escaping from the grasp of Hinduism do they have much of a chance....
And till then you must vote for candidates from your caste only till 85% of all registered marriages in India are INTER-CASTE or INTER-FAITH.

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KMR Overseas
Re: Why Indians are QUITTING Hinduism and not other religions?
by KMR Overseas on Apr 12, 2009 08:54 PM
drar, because others have lot more religious prostitutes to satisfy them...

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Raghavendra Bhat
after-thought and election fever
by Raghavendra Bhat on Apr 12, 2009 07:37 PM

The communique invoking the slapping of the NSA was done after the "court-arrest" of Varun. The timing clearly shows that it was not done in good faith, umpteen number of court-rapped criminals are moving about freely. Anything these days is possible!

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Who will Question congress of this divisive move in defence force
by akilandeswari on Apr 12, 2009 07:06 PM

Religion-based head count in Army is irrelevant
Latest in the series of controversies centred on the Congress party’s fixation with Muslim grievances is the data collection exercise involving the Indian Armed Forces.
It is irrelevant and mischievous to mention about caste-based divisions in the Army during the British rule.
Congress leaders not only divided the country politically but also militarily. The military officers and men of pre-independence India , belonging to all communities fought the WWII together under the British.

Pakistan got a ready-made army at its birth. When Indian Muslims got Pakistan they also got a Muslim army carved out of the undivided Indian Army. This army produced Pakistani generals and officers who fought wars with India — the first full scale war being in 1965. This is history in living memory.

The Congress party having divided and ruled the country for decades is continuing with its dangerous game and monstrous thinking of doing a head count for the Army now.

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Selective amnesia - biased news media
by gomateswara on Apr 12, 2009 06:35 PM  | Hide replies

When TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi said Ram was a drunkard, was it not meant for hurting Hindu sentiments? What happened to him? MF Hussain painted Hindu deities in nude. What happened to him? MIM people physically assulted Taslima (content attributed to Varun is only talk no physical assult done by him) what happened to them? Madni, now the poster boy of CPI (M) in Kerala. Was he detained under NSA? Even dreaded elements have not attracted such punishment what is being done with Varun.

Varun was booked under NSA while Congress has aligned with a party whose chief has no qualms about offering huge cash awards for the head of those whom he deems against his religion. Afzal Guru is laughing inside the jail and jehadis fearlessly plot against India while our 'secular' leaders and parties aggressively court fundamentalists for the ensuing elections. Varun is treated as a criminal for something that he claimes not to have uttered and in respect of which the prosecution has not produced any evidence. This election is singularly dangerous for the large number of history sheeters in the fray. We continue to harbour a perverted sense of secularism

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Re: Selective amnesia - biased news media
by dak on Apr 14, 2009 01:10 AM
ur so right my friend,
what action, the election commission did to cabinet minister n tn minister stalin photo taken while giving money during the by-election in thirumangalam,
using NSA on varun is totally unjustified,
see lalu, threating talks n all....
so unfair things this congress doing,
corrupt congress is India's worst n 1st enemy......

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Bskr T
Boycott NDTV
by Bskr T on Apr 12, 2009 06:33 PM  | Hide replies

I stopped watching TV channels like Times Now, NDTV etc. as the only news I could see is about Varun. TV channels are broadcasting the news as if he is a notorious criminal. It is high time these channels people to sit back and review what they have been doing. is this just for getting high TRP rating? In Kerala, the CPM is publically endorsing Madani, the PDP president, who is accused of several anti-national crimes. None of your TV channels are reporting these issues and lots of other issues also, which supposed to be telecast and made to the public. why such bias attitude?? I think these channels are congress sponsored channels you get people like Abhishek Manu singvi, Kapil sibal, etc. for dirty debates in your channels

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Re: Boycott NDTV
by annamalai on Apr 12, 2009 06:34 PM
Congress sponsored channels like NDTV,CNN-IBN and TOI are only covering Varun Gandhi's moves and they think that the LS elections 2009 are only fought on this issue. Congress wanted no debate about their government and does not want any other issue to be talked in public except the Varun episode. How long will the media cover up the anti-Hindu UPA government ? The Hindus should not get mislead by the Sickular propaganda and should vote BJP to power. Hindus have remained too much tolerant and are becoming asses shouldering the burden of all other communities. If they vote UPA to power for another 5 years, then BJP would automatically Secular because after 5 years, the Hindus would become Minority in India, thanks to organised conversions to Christianity.

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Re: Re: Boycott NDTV
by dak on Apr 14, 2009 01:16 AM
well said my friend,
these corrupt robbers congress, are really the sickular- hahaha,
corrupting n looting India is worst sinn, dont try to hide saying ur secular,
to congress robbers n innocent Indian bothers n sisters, we all respect each one right n we are secular- it is u corrupt politicains who use anything to loot n loot like anything....

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