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Mad scramble to step into Vajpayee shoes

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Abdullah Saikh
Jalgaon fire cracker had no licence!Sena made bomb!!
by Abdullah Saikh on Apr 12, 2009 09:51 AM  | Hide replies

Bukhari has said''Arakshan do samarthan lo''
What the hell!!
Who are you b a s t a r d !!!
Kisne tujhe power diya???Whats yr work???
Yr work only pray 5 times & guide namazi & teach them the right path of Islam!!
Shut yr mouth & oil yr own machine!!!

We Indian Muslim youth thuk ta hu tere par!!!
We have enough power & strength to get our right on the legal way !!!


Rahul can dance shala,but Advani cant shitt on Indian commode!!!

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