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Priyanka to campaign from tomorrow

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Rajesh Mathur
Rahul Gandhi's dismail performance
by Rajesh Mathur on Apr 15, 2009 01:47 PM

What has Rahul Gandhi to show for his performance as an MP from Amethi, his statistice
Asked 3 questions in 5 years
Participated in just 5 days
And had a attendance record of 63%

Is he taking the nation for a ride, and this is the man who is being projected as a future PM.

All right thinking Indians should throw out this family, that has been feasting on the Nations largesse wihout dong anything worth while.

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New York
by New York on Apr 11, 2009 04:06 PM

* RAHUL and PRIYANKA Gandhi have an undeniable and unprecedented advantage to REPRESENT national integrity and SOCIAL HARMONY even in remote villages of India.
* They inherited PARSI, ISLAM (Feroze Khan/Gandhi), HINDU (Nehru) and CHRISTIAN (Sonia) CULTURES and LEGACY.

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Pradip Parekh
gandhis, stay home
by Pradip Parekh on Apr 11, 2009 12:43 AM  | Hide replies

gandhis make me sick. why can't they figure out where they don't belong.

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Fluffy Kumar
Re: gandhis, stay home
by Fluffy Kumar on Apr 11, 2009 06:43 AM
I am too sick to be sick of his family. Why don't they pack up and get back to Italy? They can live happily in Italy with all he money they looted from us. Why don't they realize they hated by the majority. LTTE- next time you get a chance... please do us a favor, do the favor of sending them to planet hell as described in the stupid book they follow (bible).

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60% india leftover
by slfk on Apr 10, 2009 09:05 PM

India is attacked from many centuries..Muzlims invaded pakistan,bangladesh,kashmiri,malesia,indonatia..now again started kerala,w.bengal,assam,UP etc.. I am not spreading hatred msg.. Muzlm should understand how much they destroyed hindz culture.. We love muzlm as long as they are 15% of the population as when the country has got independence..Hinuzim is rich culture that is the reason I do not want to loose the greatness otherwise I accept islm.. Islm can not implemnt in india..which does not suite to inda. muzlms should understand.. go thru dharmanation. com by frank molaris,phd in Hinduizim.. many westeners attracted towards hinduzim,yoga,sanathana dharma.. It hinduzm is not so richful i would have convertd to islm/christimn.. nothing to hate any relgion..Go thru Dharmanation.com thnx

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palani murugan
Pls do not divide the nation further
by palani murugan on Apr 10, 2009 03:33 PM  | Hide replies

Religion-based head count in Army is irrelevant

Latest in the series of controversies centred on the Congress party’s fixation with Muslim grievances is the data collection exercise involving the Indian Armed Forces.
It is irrelevant and mischievous to mention about caste-based divisions in the Army during the British rule.
Congress leaders not only divided the country politically but also militarily. The military officers and men of pre-independence India , belonging to all communities fought the WWII together under the British.

Pakistan got a ready-made army at its birth. When Indian Muslims got Pakistan they also got a Muslim army carved out of the undivided Indian Army. This army produced Pakistani generals and officers who fought wars with India — the first full scale war being in 1965. This is history in living memory.

The Congress party having divided and ruled the country for decades is continuing with its dangerous game and monstrous thinking of doing a head count for the Army now

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mo jintao
Taking care of family business...
by mo jintao on Apr 10, 2009 02:01 PM

...good to start with only person in the dynasty to have not lied about their educational (that too "cambridge related" no less) credentials. I am willing to bet that people in this constituency wouldnt mind being ruled by china, pakistan, even nepal as long as they can keep feeling the love of this dynasty's swiss bank accounts. Jai ho! Jai ho!!!

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