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Purandeswari banks on NTR''s legacy

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Advani, ''Ek Kamjor Neta''
by surendra on Apr 09, 2009 06:02 PM  | Hide replies

L.K.Advani was the weakest Home Minister ever in India. He was the Home Minister, who did not know that Mr. Jaswant Singh brought the Terrorist to released in Kandhar. This is the proof of a "Kamjor Neta". Now he is the P.M. candidate of BJP. Think about this type of leader, what he will do for country

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Re: Advani, ''Ek Kamjor Neta''
by ramprasad on Apr 13, 2009 11:18 AM
Not only this he as home minister does not know the looting of UTI bank depositors money by BJP govt and the demolision of Babri Majid even though he was personally present.

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New York
CBN aka Chandrababu Naidu's accomplishments
by New York on Apr 09, 2009 04:48 PM

0. Ramalinga Raju (CBN received Rs 200 crores from Raju)
1. Dumped Congress (he was Minister in its Govt)
2. BJP (supported Vajpayee Govt. Now calls BJP Anti-social Party),
3. NTR (announced that he will contest against NTR as Congress candidate, lost MLA election, joined NTR's TDP, later back-stabbed him to become CM of AP. NTR dies of agony. btw NTR is his father-in-
4. Lakshmi Parvathi (introduced her to NTR and used her as an excuse to back-stab NTR)
5. Jaya Prada (He used her against Renuka Chowdary and later dumped her)
6. Renuka Chowdary (She called him a pick-pocket in an interview.)
7. Ramamurthy Naidu (called CBN a fraud, btw he is CBN's own brother)
8. Hari Krishna (NTR's son. CBN used him to back-stab NTR and later dumped him. Later he set up Anna TDP)
9. Daggupati (along with CBN back-stabbed NTR and later dumped him. Now he is in Congress party)
10. Devender Goud (Used this Telanga leader against TRS Telangana movement. Now he is in PRP)

Now in CBN queue to be dumped
1. Balakrishna (NTR's son. CBN used him to back-stab NTR)
2. JuNTR (Hari Krishna illegal son. CBN is trying to use him because resembles NTR)
3. Tarakaratna (NTR's grandson. Now using him to canvas for him in the pretext of saving TDP)
4. CPI, CPM (Ordered police firing on them at Hyderabad during electricity charges agitation. Now colluded with them)
5. TRS (now in queue to be used and dumped).

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