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''In Cong, I see a ray of hope for us''

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South Indian
Only Congress
by South Indian on Apr 09, 2009 08:10 AM  | Hide replies

Farm loan waiver

All thse are move in right direction by Congress for the common man. Only Congress thinks about them. BJP is a party for Tata & Ambani not for the common man or the poor people. BJP give Tata & Ambani everyhing free of cost and they reciprocate their happiness by praising them.

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Madhuri Karmalkar
Re: Only Congress
by Madhuri Karmalkar on Apr 09, 2009 02:09 PM
do you know what happens after loan waivers, the banks loose their interest so they stop lending to farmers. Congress all through out its rule are created more & more debts for the country. Covered bad governance by subsidies instead of development and economic reforms.

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Lopesh S
I don ot see any hopes look.....
by Lopesh S on Apr 08, 2009 08:55 PM  | Hide replies

Very soon all signs of Hinduism Ashok chakra Lotus may vanish In a move that touches the pit’s bottom, UPA has changed the emblem of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan from Lotus and shining Sun to Cross and Crescent. And this has been done in the name of “broader reflection of national ethos.” Board of Governors of KVS in its 79th meeting held on 26.6.2008 approved the new logo and a circular was sent to all offices and schools of the Sangathan on July 17, 2008, to change the emblem in all the publications and communications. Though the chairman of KVS, HRD Minister Arjun Singh did not attend the meeting, the minutes of the meeting stated that the emblem has been approved by the chairman. His deputy Shri Md Ali Ashraf Fatmi, Minister of State, HRD & Deputy Chairman, was also not present at the meeting. circular issued by the Asst. Commissioner (Acad I), KVS, said “in order to give a broader reflection of national ethos and ought (sic) to be inclusive of challenges, opportunities, rationalistic, scientific and global thinking, advances in science & technology & social changes taking place in the society” (sic) the new emblem has been created.The picture shows a book with blank pages, and apparently two human forms emerging from globe. The crescent (an Islamic symbol) and two crosses and stars (Christian) are obvious. UPA govt released coins of Rs 2 denomination with cross on them. There is move to change our national motto ‘Satyameva Jayate%u201

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Hog Jog
Re: I don ot see any hopes look.....
by Hog Jog on Apr 08, 2009 08:56 PM
Do U know recent take over of Chidambaram temple by non-hindus

The recent Take over of Chidambaram temple by non-hindus and aestheists on Tamilnadu shocks our conscience. In many ways the ‘dravadian (by logical corollary ‘non indian’) heavily campaign against Hinduism and Hindu Symbols bears resemblance to the actions of the Taliban against non-islamic symbols (Bamiyan Buddha statues) in Afghanistan. Under international outcry even the Talibans halted their destruction of the statues, but in India the same set of politicians are now keeping quite.
Needless to say every attack on Hinduism and a section of the Hindu society (dubiously called as ‘upper caste’) is packaged as social justice! Sp great is the fear of ‘caste, votebanks, that even parties professing support fo Hindutva are refusing to consider the just and fair rights of the Unreserved Class Hindus. Things have gone so far that none of them are even willing to consider the Unreserved Class Hindus as Citizens.

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Re: Re: I don ot see any hopes look.....
by dhandu on Apr 08, 2009 09:22 PM
ONLY Hindu temples can be and are taken over in India. Why does an "atheist" party (parties with a D and a K in their acronymns) led govt want to interfere in things religious? Can they dare touch mosques or churches, even if the most nefarious activities happen there or in their aegis? Bribed conversions, terrorist / anti-national activities, etc - all of these can happen thru these places no one is supposed to even question these, let alone dream of take overs.

That only Hindu temples are subject to such treatment is because of the inexplicable and sometimes maddening indifference of the community. We are all probably too busy or work too hard or plain dont care. No vigilantes or whistle blowers in our community unlike for other religions. And yes, some of the biggest whistle blowers and vigilantes for the other religious communities are some of our arm-chair "secular" Hindus only.

Such Hindu "secularists" don't care if Hindu gods and goddesses are caricatured elsewhere on rubber slippers or innerwear, their temples taken over/ vandalized, etc. Their line is that the such acts do not in any way endanger Hinduism or lessen the stature of our gods or goddesses in any way. They raise hell on the Gujarat riots but NOT A WHIMPER on the way Kashmiri pandits got brutally thrown out of their own homeland by Islamic groups. And if you raise your voice against them, then you will be dubbed "uneducated", "intolerant", "Hindu fascist", etc.s

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Hate Muslims & Christians & be a MP - BJP
by mandar on Apr 08, 2009 07:12 PM  | Hide replies

BJP's Mantra - "Hate Muslims & Christians and achieve the glory." Look at their actions. Advani started his rath yatra with sole intention of spreading hatred against Muslims and killing a few through his trained goons. LOOK where he is now. He is probably the Next PM. Modi went a step ahead and massacred the innocent muslims in thousands through his followers including his ministers. Look at the way he is glorified. Even within BJP and the Supporters of BJP want Modi to replace Advani as soon as possible. Walking on their footsteps is now Varun Gandhi. The hate speech against Muslims has made him a great hero of Hindutvavadi's overnight. Pilibhit seat was assured then. (Earlier he was not sure about this offer of seat). Then there is Manoj Pradhan who has eliminated quite a few Christians in Orissa. He is awarded with a seat in Kandhamal.

More you spread the hatred and more you spill the blood of minorities, more are the rewards. Now everyone with Saffron mindset, wants to make it big on political scene, are competing within themselves to take their action further than his predcessor. The Glory is assured. Political life starts flying.

Well, once they finish off the minorities, where will they change their directions. Towards whom. Could be the dalits come next and other backwards later. The mindset of exclusivity can not change to accomodativeness. This mindset has come from the same Brahminical mindset where exclusivity by 3% Brahmins was enjoyed over 97% others

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: Hate Muslims & Christians & be a MP - BJP
by dhandu on Apr 08, 2009 07:50 PM
Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular,
Mandir is communal and Masjid is secular,
Sadhu is communal and Imam is secular,
BJP is communal and Muslim League is secular,
Bajrang Dal is communal, SIMI is secular,
Praveen Togadiya is anti-national and Bhukari is national,
Vande Matharam is communal and Allah-O-Akbar is secular,
Pooja is communal, namaaz is secular,
Shriman is communal and Mian is secular,
Hinduism is communal and Islam is secular,
Hindutva is communal and Jihadism is secular

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Re: Re: Hate Muslims & Christians & be a MP - BJP
by Guest on Apr 09, 2009 01:08 PM
This is absolutely baseless. I have never heard anyone talk this way except the extremists. Anything can be communal if used in an extremist fashion, and the same can be secular if used with peace and harmony in mind.
Please understand this - fire is both useful as well as it can be a destroyer. Please channelise your strength and talents to improve the life of every Indian - and your life will then have meaning and richness

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Vicky Nanjappa's
by XYZ ABC on Apr 08, 2009 06:27 PM

pick. Naturally there will be hope in Congress!

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