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Party-wise performance of women in 2004

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punniyamoorthy ramalingam
Nothing will change.
by punniyamoorthy ramalingam on Apr 07, 2009 04:31 PM

Corruption and abuse of power will increase when the parliament is full of women. How many Indian women are firing their men when they bring corruption money?? They are also responsible for the raping of Mother India in the name of corruption by their husbands. I ask one question to all Indian women, if women are more powerful than men why Indian women are not controlling their husbands while bringing corruption money??


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New York
You can RULE India for $700 million.
by New York on Apr 06, 2009 07:20 PM

* Total voters = 700 million
* Votes needed to win = 350 million
Since as per BBC, 80% Indians live on 20 rupees a day, you can BUY or BRIBE a vote for $2.

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