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EC notice to Jaswant Singh

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fake politics of our country
by Guest on Apr 05, 2009 07:28 PM

every day we hear a new issue raised either by the oppostion or by goverment itself i dont understand when our politician stop playing fake politics when we talk abiut the major issue like economic, jobs, education and many other. we can't be like america just look at the obama campagian for elections, we are like making fun here with the most powerfull issue in our country and the complete credit for all these is goes to we people when we stop blaming politician why dont we select a leader like obama who can only focus to the major issue of our country.

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Ritesh Mishra
Chidambram - Stands Exposed !
by Ritesh Mishra on Apr 05, 2009 07:17 PM

Bengladeshi Migrants are Given Voting Cards & Ration Cards by Congress & Communists .

Hindus who have come in 1947 FROM pakistan , are yet to be given citizenship .

And PC Chidambram - the great "white clothed black hearted Poltician " IS promishing Poll shops after 50 years to these poor Hindus .

Hope , the "moral fabric " and the " poltical propritiy " plank of mr.Chidambram stands exposed ....

but we all know Navin Chawla G - ELECTION COmiisionar will give a " lovable Fatker " and say Chidambram G , u should not have allowed Cameras ......don worry just a freindly worning to you .. we have BJP leaders to be punished ...and NSA applied..

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Hog Jog
Political mileage
by Hog Jog on Apr 05, 2009 06:44 PM

The Chawla episode is taking a curious turn with the Union law minister’s remark that Chawla is tipped to be the next CEC and this is like rubbing salt in the wound.

It is inconceivable that a person deemed to be unfit for an EC’s job because of his alleged partiality to a party in power, is suddenly found to be the most eligible candidate for the CEC by the ruling establishment. Is it not politics of the worst kind to derive political mileage during the forthcoming general elections by having a pliable CEC at the helm during the crucial period

It is a very piquant situation now with the controversy brewing in the EC. Should the Government decide to brazen it out, it will invite accusations of complicity.

The ruling party, the Congress, is the apparent gainer from Chawla’s alleged bias. Can it then be expected to hurt itself by agreeing to remove him? There are two possible routes out of this conundrum. First, the government can release Gopalaswami’s letter and place before the country his case against Chawla, and rebut that evidence. This will imply that the Centre doesn’t believe the CEC. The second option is more agreeable that Chawla steps down.

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ECs new role - forensic Expert
by dhandu on Apr 05, 2009 06:43 PM  | Hide replies

The EC is not a forensic expert body to decide whether a particular CD is genuine or not.

Only forensic experts can decide on whether the CD containing Varun’s speech was genuine or not. It can only recommend action which can be decided by a court of law, if somebody files a case against him. The EC cannot discipline Varun Gandhi for his inflammatory speech as he still has not filed his nomination papers.

Hope the EC sticks to its rules

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Ritesh Mishra
Re: ECs new role - forensic Expert
by Ritesh Mishra on Apr 05, 2009 07:17 PM

EC is Sold Out .

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Desh Premi
Electoral war
by Desh Premi on Apr 05, 2009 06:42 PM

Varun Gandhi’s address in Pilbhit has become a full blown electoral war between the BJP and the Congress trading charges in which the Election Commission has been caught in the cross fire.

BJP general secretary Jaitley has said that the EC is biased in its view in not allowing Varun to contest. The Congress, which ignored the CEC’s recommendation to the President on Navin Chawla’s dismissal, built an impregnable defence, and named him as the next CEC in cynical disregard to his track record of proven bias for the party.

It cannot take a high moral ground now to defend the EC’s case. The controversy is now interestingly poised and is grist to the mill of the media
Hope the EC sticks to its rules

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EC overstepped its limits
by Kamadhenu on Apr 05, 2009 06:42 PM

EC should not have overstepped its limits if it has no authority to ask the party, not to field Varun, who spewed venomous remarks on a particular community wrongly, as a candidate.
It is enough if the EC takes care of the enormous responsibility it has at hand for the ensuing elections. As the BJP has not fielded Varun yet, the maximum the EC could have done was, to ask him to show restraint when he spoke. After being exposed by his utterances, Varun could have been warned not to make such public statements.

The EC has no right to order a ban on Varun from contesting the polls. Hope the EC sticks to its rules and regulations rather than overstep its duties in the ensuing elections.

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Lopesh S
Will CEC Chawla conduct a fair and free elections I doubt
by Lopesh S on Apr 05, 2009 06:41 PM

No way CEC Chawla will ensure Congress win
Apropos It is baffling to note the government reject the CEC’s recommendation when Article 324(2) is emphatic that “the other ECs can be removed if the CEC approves their ouster.”

In the beginning, the Election Commission consisted of only the CEC. But the Congress (I) government just before the ninth general election appointed two more Commissioners in an attempt to compromise the independence of the Election Commission. It is curious how the amended rule (on January 2, 1990 by the National Front government), which restored the status quo ante, was negated and the multi-member body continued.

The Constituent Assembly had envisaged such disputes and had asked to constitute a collegium to decide on appointments such as the CEC, ECs to be above partisan politics. But the Administrative Reforms Commission cold-shouldered it. The Apex Court must be given the power to select CEC and ECs from the list given by the government taking the Opposition into confidence.

Hope the EC sticks to its rules and regulations rather than overstep its duties in the ensuing elections.

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Jaswant Singh
by kabayan on Apr 05, 2009 06:12 PM  | Hide replies

Jaswant Singh is a heavy drinker and drug adict. He is not an able person for politics

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Re: Jaswant Singh
by abhishek on Apr 05, 2009 07:32 PM
yarr stop joking we are discussing on some major issue plz dont reply in such sensless manner

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Ritesh Mishra
Re: Jaswant Singh
by Ritesh Mishra on Apr 05, 2009 07:19 PM

yes , do u carry drinks for him sir?

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Mak Kumar
Re: Re: Jaswant Singh
by Mak Kumar on Apr 05, 2009 07:26 PM
Kabayan is actually a drug supplier, he supplies drugs to all and mighty- rahul, jaswant, lalu, mulayam, sonia et al. He has privy to such information

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