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ULFA''s hand in Assam

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G Muniaamy
TN Elections
by G Muniaamy on Apr 12, 2006 04:27 PM

Looks TN will head for a hung assembly.

To maintain decorum, the parties should talk about their achievements if any instead of bad mouthing the others.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have any achievement to speak about.

People like Vaiko, Maran should restrain in talking bad words. Surely, JAYA will dump Vaiko the election and VAiko & MAran need to do politics together again. after

As regards JAYA, no one can even suggest to her to talk sense. She continue to be as rogue as before - atleast consistancy on this.

God save TN

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Citizens reporters
by labrea on Apr 12, 2006 12:13 AM

These are not reports by 'reporters' - reporters report the facts as they unfold, rather their personal whims and fancies, as submitted by your so-called reporters. These so-called reports should more accurately be called 'citizens comments'.

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West bengal has not progressed at the speed it culd have
by GS, USA on Apr 11, 2006 12:45 AM

Party in power has to take the blame. There is no greatness in CPM party or for the matter of fact any party in India. West Bengal CPM through its cadre politics has reduced other parties to near zero..

well yes pepole will point only CPM office because no other party can dare to open office there..this is fact ! don't deny it..

Those who are not looking like CPM supporter has been told offcourse politely not to vote..now if you have not seen it then u have to be in WB during voting time..scientific rigging haah ! CPM doesn't require that..

30 years! it will remain there for 100 years ..with West bengal moving at snails pace ..pity it was most talented state in India during british times

(Honest PERSONAL OPINION - not meant to hurt anybody)


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