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Affected People are much larger than Benefitted
by Cheran on Apr 05, 2006 01:33 PM

If you can count people who are affected by this AIADMK govt and benefitted by them, afffected people will be larger. The clean sweep by the UPA in last Parlimentary elections exactly showed that.

Employees of Transport, Government, Road, Weavers, Teachers, etc. The affected people list will go on.

In addition AIADMK has a creditless partner in MDMK. Vaiko claimed that POTA was imposed by Central Govt and Madam Jaylalitha had nothing to do with his imprisonment.

There cant be any better joke than this as it was Madam Jaylalitha's govt who appealed to Supreme Court against Vaiko's release after he served in the jail for 19 months. I guess, he forgot it!

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monimala gogoi
by monimala gogoi on Apr 05, 2006 12:40 PM

Ulfa chief Paresh Baruas name was deleted from voter list. According to official source in past his name was in the voter list of Chabua constituency of Upper Assam. The voting of Chabua constituency was held on April 3. The Government alleged that the c-in-c of outfit Ulfa take shelter in Bangaladesh. Paresh Barua didnot cast his vote in last 5 general elections. Official source also informed that,besides Barua, many other top ULFA leaders including Anup Chetia, Pradip Gogoi etc name has been deleted from voter list.

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R. KALIAPPAN, ROYAPURAM, CHENNAI - 9382677029 / 9994377229
by R. KALIAPPAN, ROYAPURAM, CHENNAI - 9382677029 / 9994377229 on Apr 05, 2006 12:30 PM

I want to make one thing clear that when the DMK governement went out of power, heavy debts were mounted on newly formed AIDMK govt. To clear all the debts and issues, Madam has taken certain bold steps to comeout of heavy financial crisis. Anybody in her position should have done this, if they are really worried about people of Tamilnadu. Otherwise, they are doing injustice to their position to be in power only. But the actions were manipulated by other useless parties to fool the people. Other rival parties are willing to be in power, develope their family wealth only. Even though lot of senior people are available in their own party, like Mr Dayanidhi Maran, Mr Anbumani etc., they are all made into super senior positions with power and the ways of making huge money. Whether they are worried about people ? whether they are worried about future growth of the country ? neven in their dream. Their dreams are always, improving their wealth. What happened to the take over of CABLE TV ? It is kept in cold storage ? Being in power, now they have exposed themselves to the public, what they are ? and what they want ? They cannot make the people fools always ??? Madam is already won ???

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People of Tamilnadu are Fools....!!
by Cherian on Apr 05, 2006 12:18 PM

I dont understand what the politetians in TN are thinking about the people's watchfulness and awareness.This is because everday all are competing each other to publish blunders seriously even in the election manifesto also.
The main blunder is ruling partys manifesto which comprises of offering of 5 lac IT jobs in Tamil Nadu.This means that all the forighen MNCs and softwarwe gaints are funded and controlled by TN Govt or J Jayalalitha to give jobs to public from their wallets.
Another one is offering of Color TVs to public.The offerer is under the preciption that colour TV is included in the dinner of all tamilians or the people can lay beneath overbridges and railway slums huging the colour TVs.
I think these polititians are unaware about the strength of people to wipe out these fools even from the earth itself..

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Comments onTimely help by TN ministers
by M.Kiran on Apr 05, 2006 12:13 PM

because of timely help provided by the ministers during tsunami and floods.

G Rajalakshmi
Chennai */

Namaskaram and Vanakkam respected G.Rajalakshmiji

My name is M.Kiran residing in New Mumbai. I am working as Laser Engineer in a private firm situated here in. I was deputed for 6months in the year 2005 at chennai. I had experienced the worst impacts of natural calamity occured in TN,PY and AP.

you mentioned that in one of the surveys conducted by " ", AIDMK is going to win elections due to their help.

Let me bring to your notice that, AIDMK officials were sleeping at that time when TN hit by tsunami.Only some private charities, trust and people collected funds and provided help for the victims. I feel sorry if you are a fan of AIDMK. But Tamil Nadu, the state with great heritage and diversity is looted and spoiled by these political parties.

People of TN have no options. This is the greatness of our constitution. Either of two parties have to be selected. DMK or AIDMK. It seems to me that Tamil nadu is owned by these two eminent parties DMK or AIDMK. Ayya for DMK and Amma for AIDMK.

M.Kiran, Vashi, New Mumbai.

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Things not the same in Tamil Nadu as before
by Mahesh.G on Apr 05, 2006 11:58 AM

For the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu since 1967 the people are feeling a third party emergence. Apart from the conventional Dravida Kazhagam parties which is the DMK and ADMK few people might vote for a new parites especially for VijayKanth's DMDK , for example, has the confidence of winning a few seats.

Though the party name has still got the conventional tag "Dravida Kazhagam" it's been a party not derived from either DMK and ADMK. A point to be noted.

ADMK was derived from DMK by MGR and MDMK was derived from DMK by Vaiko.

Though, PMK like DMDK, not derived from either of dravida kazhagam, they were playing only a second fiddle to either DMK or ADMK and is known to the people.

Will DMDK will be an another PMK?
Well, we all have to wait and see. But it can certainly keep a check on either the DMK and ADMK. DMDK's future depends on the policies framed by Vijaykanth, it's founder. A good policy is a one which has a good reasonable logic behind it and is not biased towards any catse or religion.

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Amma is far better than Karunanidhi
by rajab on Apr 05, 2006 11:43 AM

Hi all
AIADMK mite look bad.. But DMK is never good with people.. Look at their track record.. It revolves around only Karunanidhi's family while in ADMK anyone can lead from the front.. Worse still The Cable TV monopoly of DMK.. Karunanidhi is not willing to talk about Cauvery or Tsunami or Floods.. He is never worried about if the people are in hunger.. But he is so consicious about the cable tv which the government wants to take over.. Cable tv is the first step.. DMK has already started up with periodicals and newspapers.. As Vaiko says they are trying to enter ISP service as well.. People talk about Microsoft\\\\\\\'s monopoly.. In TN it\\\\\\\'s DMK\\\\\\\'s monopoly.. Decide yourself who is better..

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Satyakam Dutta
Stage set for a hung assembly in Assam
by Satyakam Dutta on Apr 05, 2006 10:08 AM

For the first time in the history of Assam, a hung assembly, with no major pre-election alliance, is like to emerge out from the current assembly elections. Even during the time when AGP(Asom Gana Parishad) was disintegrated to form NAGP(Natun Asom Gana Parishad), the outcome was round about same, but parties found a way out. But this time the scenerio is a changed one, with all the parties, except the CPI(M) and Congress, at loggerheads with each other. There are four major forces in Assam, namely, the AGP coalition, the AGP(P) coalition, the Congress coalition and the BJP. With a hung assembly in the pipeline, it would be interesting to see which among the aforementioned shelves ego and ties up for formation of a government.

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sameer umralkar
Pathetic politics
by sameer umralkar on Apr 05, 2006 09:09 AM


Political opportunism is here to stay. unless we get a bi-polar system like USA, we can expect these parties to hold us at ransom. the particular problem is that the state level parties have become popular. many do not realize that the state level issues and union level issues are not the same.
As far as joining hands goes,
Congress + CPM -> UPA
BJP + BSP -> The infamous count out bt Kalyan Singh & Jagadambika Pal
INC + NCP -> Mahrashtra Govt for the last 7 years.
lots of other examples.
as long as regional parties rule over national parties, we can expect this. if and only if there is a straight fight between INC and BJP, or for that matter any 2 national parties, at the state level, we will see an end to all this stupidity.

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Kunal & Anshu
by Siva on Apr 04, 2006 11:19 PM

Dear kunal & Anshu
Am very grateful to hear your concerned opinion.Thank you.
But your piece of reporting was full of hubris mixed with condescension.It was more patronising than even a foreigner would be raring to go.
Your report sounded like North of India practices the best of election practices and its politicians full of vision for the nation.
I beg to differ on that particular point.
India, as a whole has politicians, as a degenerate class,willing to offer anything in exchange for power.Shame on every one of them than just the Tamil politicians.
Karunanidhi is one of the most forward looking politicians and an extremely shrewd one as well, in contradistinction to Jayalalithaa,who created a new-low in political indecency and a degenerate human behaviour when she dragged Karunanidhi out of his bed at night for some police case (foisted or otherwise)against him.Even when there were a 100 cases against Madam, Karunanidhi when he was CM,never behaved so much in a ruthlessly disrespectful manner.A ton of shame on her.
And finally,Karunanidhi's family has a well developed business angle,which is what is needed for TamilNadu.He is not swindling Taxpayers money like our amma.

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