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Shibu Soren resigns

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Ashwani K Sharma
Jharkand Episode
by Ashwani K Sharma on Mar 12, 2005 09:47 AM

Whatever has happened in Goa,earlier,and now in Jharkhand is really very sad.Incidently both dramas had a happy ending.

On the face of it one may say Governors SCJamir & Razi were responsible.If it is so,only they know best, they must on their own submit their papers.That will add to their glory. However if their were pressures on them,then they owe it to nation to name the real persons behind .

If above things donot happen then PM should hold an enquiry ,to submit results in one months.Guilty should be severly punished.

Otherwise Prsident Kalam should interveen in this situation.

We feel that two blackest chapters of these nature of political history must provoke deep reactions in minds of the concerned people such that real culprits are brought to book and suitably punished.Whatever has happened is shameful,disgracefull,worst than murder.Hence punishment should be exemplory.

Ashwani K Sharma

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udayan mitter
Theatre of the absurd
by udayan mitter on Mar 12, 2005 09:35 AM

Shibu Soren's resignation heralded the end of another theatre of the absurd enacted on the ever murky Indian political scene.Have we touched the nadir yet or even worse scenarios are still to follow?
Let's wait and hope for the worst!!!!

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Pradip K Mazumder
Soren-Sibte Raji-a blotch in Indian democracy
by Pradip K Mazumder on Mar 12, 2005 05:14 AM

I am an independent NRI observer of Indian democracy who is trying to portrait an independent view. What Sibte Raji has done is a bltant attack on democracy. He should go at any cost. India is considered to be one of the strong citadel of democracy while occasional hikkups like this tarnish this image all over the world. Basically the fault lies with the prcodure of centrally elected Governor who always becomes a subject of political machinations of the ruling party at the central. What happened to Sarkaria commission's report on the subject. How come the self styled Messiah of democracy, the lefts became dumfounded on the subject.

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Victory of Democracy
by Anurag on Mar 12, 2005 01:01 AM

Resignation of Shibu Soren comes at a time when almost everyone in the country is thinking that Congress and allies could go to any extent for seeking power.

but this will not mask the turmoils Congress party played in Jharkhand. The image of top leadership and of the party is demolished even in the minds of old congressmen.

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Umesh Dubey
Nation taken for a ride
by Umesh Dubey on Mar 12, 2005 12:28 AM

Soren's resignation proves that the UPA didn't have the numbers to start with, this glaringly exposes the nexus between the governor and the UPA alliance, at least in Jahrkhand even if one were to believe that Center had no hand in it. It was a sorry sight to see a few responsible leaders from the UPA defending their case.

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