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Jharkhand House adjourned

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Jharkhand House Adjourned
by subbaraman on Mar 11, 2005 08:48 PM

It is quite clear that the Soren Government does not intend to honour democratic norms, leave alone Supreme Court directions. How can such a fellow continue to occupy the chief Minister post? The Governor should dismiss him forthwith.

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Insult on Supreme Court ! Dlack spot on Democracy !
by chan on Mar 11, 2005 07:15 PM

The dis-obeyance of the Supreme court order is a black spot in democracy. What protects any human being then if even Supreme Court orders are crushed under the political feet.

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Subversion of constitutional democracy
by Srihari on Mar 11, 2005 06:56 PM

The Jharkhand developments are a great disgrace to our constitutional democracy. The adjournment of the Legislative Assembly from 11th March to 15th March by the pro-tem speaker is intended to facilitate the illegal continuance of a minority government. We have the odd spectacle of the majority alliance sitting in opposition and wanting the trial of strength to take place and the minority alliance sitting in treasury benches trying to avoid the vote on confidence motion for obvious fear of losing it. The fact that it is the ruling UPA members who were deliberately obstructing the house proceedings speaks for itself and once again makes it clear that the Sibhu Soren government doesn't have majority in the house and is therefore buying time by enacting this drama.

The happenings in Jharkhand are a blatant violation of the order of apex court which directed for the floor test to be taken place on 11th March itself. It certainly amounts to contempt of the court and smacks of the scant regard the UPA is having for constitutional institutions. Does the UPA government in Jharkhand has any special privilege of not being bound by the order of the apex court? Is this not a subversion of rule of law? UPA government at centre is a colluding party to this shameless onslaught on our democracy. Our democracy is under seize by those who had taken pledge to uphold the constitution.

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