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NDA MLAs meet President Kalam

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dismiss governer of Jharkand
by vishal on Mar 04, 2005 02:30 PM

The Jharkand governer must be dismissed.It is a clear insult of democracy and inorder to protect it drastic measures has to be taken so that no other governer of any other state dare to take such decisions

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Dr. C. Prakash
NDA MLAs meet President Kalam
by Dr. C. Prakash on Mar 04, 2005 05:47 AM

1. Great that you obtained and alerted your readers with such incredible details. Congratulations on reporting facts so truthfully and candidly - a thing that is increasingly missing certainly getting diluted, in todays newspapers as well as the media.
Let the countrymen note what is going on behind the scenes to circumvent which this length of planning went into action. Unless the people at large remain mentally alert, take precautionary measures, prepare their minds to reverse this downright cheap, filthy & mischievous processes / environment willfully but hideously being created (in the recent past) we, in the long run, are bound to suffer as a nation. This must never be allowed to happen. Otherwise we are to blame ourselves alone for letting such degradation set in the society. Our offspring will never forgive us for being careless, lacking foresightedness and not remaining alert. It is normally needed at all times BUT more so at this juncture. It looks we are being goaded in wrong doing with hideous support by our own people.
2. I am sure Hon. President, like in the past - in case of Rama Rao (AP), would resurrect situation. We are proud of him.
Dr. R. Prakash

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Subrata Roy
Time has come to change!
by Subrata Roy on Mar 03, 2005 11:34 PM

The only thing that remains constant is Change
The landscape of each and every positive thing is changing. What the drama is going on in Jharkhand is another indicative of weakness of our system. So, pointing out of any particular political party or any leader would not give any solution. I do believe that all the political party should come under an umbrella and take all the necessary steps to change the system, so that situtation like Jharkhand would never come. So, all the political party try to stop pointing out eachother and make the necessary changes of our system and give truley "SHINING INDIA".

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Stepdown the killer Governor
by siba on Mar 03, 2005 10:02 PM

Stepdown the killer Governor of Jharkhand Who is kill the indian constitution

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