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''Lalu''s a rascal''

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sanjay gupta
Lalu was a bad dectator
by sanjay gupta on Nov 22, 2005 04:46 PM

Lalu tries to show that he is Robin Hood, but he must realise the current position of world. We should change our thinking with the change of time. In the time of media freedom, we should keep mouth close when you have little knowledge. Try to change thinking with the change of time, and it was greatest mistake of lalu babu, who always try to be a little kid and definetiley he will be get place in the book of kid as a joker

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M. varma
Lalu and Bihar
by M. varma on Feb 11, 2005 01:48 AM

Dewanji has not observed anything that a Bihari does not know, experience and suffer.

To the comfortable homes of Delhi, he could add plush smoking rooms in New York, LA, San Francisco and London, among others for example, where "Biharis" love to hate Laloo while they sip their Scotch and Cognac! As if that were not enough, now there are numerous discussion groups on the Internet, where, in language that needs a lot of help, people lament or express wishful thoughts about "revolution". Their words in the cyberspace evaporates.

That indeed is the tragedy of Bihar. But what people like Dewanji contribute is elevating Laloo to a "media star". Laloo loves the publicity and exploits it to the hilt, the opportunist that he is.

A required reading : "Making of Laloo and Unmaking of Bihar" by Sankarshan Thakur.

Please stop providing the destroyer of Bihar any more publicity. Bihar does not need it. It truly adds insult to injury.

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Anil Panikar
Caste equations
by Anil Panikar on Feb 10, 2005 01:41 PM

Why blame Lalu Yadav's of today. The greatest brand marketing excercise was done by Mr. M. K Gandhi who coined the word "Harijan". This enabled the Congress to keep the caste divide for over 5 decades. Reservations card is the name of the political game. BJP plays the Hindutva card and tries to unite the Hindus the Congress calls them Communal force.Dr. Ambedkar, Babu Jagjivan Rams achievements are always mentioned with their caste lineage. Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde is sent to Andhra Pradesh as the Governor the CM welcomes him by speaking to the press about his caste credentials and not administrative credentials.
Mr. T Anjiah is made the CM of Andhra Pradesh his caste is splashed across in the media release by the Congress. The Highest office of the President of the country is maligned by caste and religious lineage. Mr. K R Narayanan on assuming the office of President of the country the Congress Party states that his caste credentials enabled him to become the President of the country. Congress Party has architectured and built up the caste divide and built up the ills thereof. Why blame the Lalu Yadav.

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by Zainab on Feb 10, 2005 11:49 AM

God bless the people of Bihar and give them sense to vote for their welfare.

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Lalu is a rascal
by P.J.LAKHAPATE on Feb 10, 2005 11:41 AM

The problem of BIHAR is that some polititians like Lalu are taking undue advantage of the situation that is poverty and illiteracy.

One solution to the problem could be divide this state into 3-4 parts and merge with adjecent states.

By doing this separate identity of BIHAR is lost but
there will be opportuity for the poor people to develop.

Otherwise BIHAR will continue to remain as it is
inspite of phenomenal growth in other states of the country.


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Arun Kumar
A gripping account
by Arun Kumar on Feb 10, 2005 09:37 AM

I felt it a moving account, with apt narration. After a long time, this was the article I engrossed into, forgetting myself & surroundings. And in fact, this is the first ever comment I post in rediff, in all the 6 years, I have been part of rediff.

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Why to see caste......why not Indian???
by Sumit on Feb 10, 2005 09:01 AM

Now the time is changed & one should look further for development.The first feeling should come only for country like the reporter has said "I am Indian".These politicians should be scrapped.There should be a retirement limit for every politician & maximum tenure to be as a chief minister or prime minister (max.10 years).Chances should be given to new blood who is having at least a feeling for his country.These OLD POLITICIANS doesn't seems to have any kind of soft heart for the great country like ours.

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A really beautiful article Mr Diwanji
by wasnik on Feb 10, 2005 05:32 AM

Dear Mr Diwanji,
I am not sure whether you belong to the lower castes, but you certainly speak what the lowercastes have in their heart, which unfortunately never gets any playing in the writings of the manuvadi media. Keep up the work.


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