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Portfolios to be announced Sun

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No more black mail on ministerial berths!
by B.Gautam on Jun 05, 2004 03:03 PM

It is a disgrace for Indians due to the on going shameful fight for different ministerial berths, which clearly projects their intentions to jump into politics as not to serve the people of this country!
Is it not an act of condemnation with disgust, especially when people of this country expect lot from these people to deliver as quick as possible to relieve the humanity from their miseries? Can't Indians at least emulate from the noble gesture of the said foreigner smt.Sonia Gandhi?
They should know that people are silently watching their performances!
It is imperative for the congress party to replace such politicians to secure fast business in the right direction without wasting even a second as the people's mandate is with great expectation!
Congress, with external support from left parties with few sincere independents and others can go comfortably on its own! The government will run safe and secure for full term without any black mails!

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for sale.
by Ramanathan on May 23, 2004 02:45 PM

Portfolio's for sale - will be the adv. today by the congress chief's. What a shame? Imagine Laloo being the external affairs minister (hope it does not happen. but in politics, with all the power hungry politicians, we can't predict anything). Poverty is the Slogan that the congress is using for more than 50 years. I wonder what they were doing all the years in the govt.. I am quite clear that they will use the same slogan in the next election too.

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