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''Atal, Advani failed Hindus''

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BJP ditched Ram.
by kamalesh on May 22, 2004 12:38 PM

It is true that BJP came to power only with the name of Ram . But they showed their political colour immediately after winning the election . In a country like ours, in case they want to come up once again they should chant sri ram and make the mass chant and come to power . Because there are no other issues now for them to come up as Sonia make a wiser decision to opt out of the PMs post

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raphael sebastian
Atalji, Advani failed Hindus'
by raphael sebastian on May 22, 2004 12:33 PM

The statement is absolutely incorrect. Obsessed and blinded with the agenda to divide the people and polarize society, under the gauge of so-called Hinduata, VHP is trying to delve into the failure of Atalji and Advani on Ram Janambhoomi movement, as the cause of BJPs failure. A fact-finding committee of BJP echelons had discussed on the possible cause of defeat, wherein issues like Govts helplessness in providing assistance to poor investors at the time of UTI crisis, wanton voluntary retirement scheme giving free hand to employers to exploit workers, slashing down interest rates affecting middle class, mindless pursuance of globalization, giving scant attention to social security to suffering people etc. have been found to be main causes of BJP debacle.

Further, a large chunk of well educated, matured and intelligent Hindu brethren in this country had voted against BJP, not on issue of Ram Janambhoomi, but they found the secular fabric in this country is torn apart under BJPs rule. People want to live in peace and harmony espousing their respective religious faith. VHP does not have to worry about Hindus as our Hindu brethren are capable of looking after themselves.

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Rajesh  Vyas
Advani-Vajpayee did not look after Hindus
by Rajesh Vyas on May 22, 2004 12:17 PM


Contrary to what the VHP and Bajrang Dal and the R S S belief, the election results have nothing to do with the so called Hindu backlash. If anything, highlighting the non-isue of Ayodhya, (to whatever extent) has resulted in the so-called Hindu backlash.

The common man, whether Hindu, Muslim,Sikh, Christian or for that matter of any caste or creed is fed up of the divide generated by the Ayodhya issue. The poor Indian is more concerned with his daily subsistence and survival and is not interested in Ayodhya any more.

It will be wise to put the Ayodhya issue in cold storage for all times to come or better still the issue be buried for ever.

The main reason for defeat was the arrogance of the B J P leadership, particularly of the Mahajans, Jaitelys, Naidus, Sushmas, Mamatas and many other so called young and not-so-young turks of the B J P and N D A.

The victory in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan was no thanks to the support of Hindus to the Sadhvi or the Queen/Maharani respectively. The victory here was due to the still simmering discontent and dissatisfaction with the previous Conress rule.Hindu organizations will be better off if correct reasons are looked into.

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VhP's hindutuva
by manoharan on May 22, 2004 11:38 AM

What VHP Sangh leaders are saying that is wrong.In BJP both Atal and L.K.Advani has done a lot for VHP.For example they could not get even one seat from Tamil nadu because of Hindutva factor.Taking he words of Hindu munani peoples word the BJP allied with ADMK because it governed by a bramin lady even though she ditched BJP in the 1998.

The politics can not run keeping caste and religion in mind.politics means for development of the country and trying to give utmost possible necessity's to peoples of our nation irrespective of the religion and caste.

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Ram temple
by MSK MURTHY on May 22, 2004 11:17 AM

In my view, the VHP is full of people who have no proper upbringing, education and purpose in life. They are trying to gain popularity and ruin the nation making an issue of the most unproductive, absolutely destructive non-issue of temple believed to have been there.

Thisnking rationally, even if a temple has to be costructed in Ayodhya why only at that particular spot. It can be anywhere in Ayodhya where Ram is believed to have been born. The VHP, RSS, Bajrangdal etc., only want emotive and useless issues and they do not solutions as they can keep on disturbing the normal peaceful life of the common man and development activities.

Sane fellows will try to follow the morals values of Ram depicted in Ramayan instead of fighting over a place for construction of a temple. Ram gave up the whole kingdom to keep up his father's promises but we not prepared to leave a small piece of land for his temple.

What an example of Ram Bhakti???????

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by Nakesh on May 22, 2004 09:21 AM

Its high time we follow our religion at home. India will never prosper, if communalism is not eliminated from India. We need to unite as one and carry our Nation to a greater heights. Lets forget that we are Hindu, Catholics, Sikhs, Muslims etc. and remember that we are Indians.

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Bharat Pandya
Atal/Advani Failed Hindus.
by Bharat Pandya on May 22, 2004 01:08 AM

Especially Atalji failed Hindus. He tried to woe Muslims to his fold. He forgot what brought hime power. Indian Muslims and Pakis are not same. Former you may win over but later you can not. People rememeberd Kargil and not Lahore bus. He went on offering olive branch and was insulted time again. In india he was not harsh with peoplre who projected Hindus as Violent fundamentalists.Due to his policies wrong kind of people posing as secularists, who in fact used religion to further their political gains, have come to power. while Hindus . He has done a great wrong to Hinduism

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Oh! My GOD!!
by Dheeban on May 22, 2004 12:53 AM

How can some one be so dare to speak publicly like this? Are we in Secular India? For the point, let me make myself clear that I am a born-Hindu. It is so shameful and disgusting that people can talk like that. I mean, in what state are we in, when the leaders are urged to take care of a religion group. Organizations like VHP and RSS should be banned. For that matter fundamentalist organizations of any religion should be banned and such people should be punishable by law. For the record, let me make clear that I am not a supporter of Congress. Down Fundamentalism! D(r)own the people who speak like this!!

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