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My concern is for Bihar: Laloo

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Rashid Erfani
Bihar needs some help
by Rashid Erfani on May 22, 2004 01:42 AM

I cannot out rightly say that whatever Mr. Laloo Prasad is saying is just a lie. But it will be very nice if his intensions are sane as his words. In spite of its immense prospects in agriculture Bihar has mostly been given treatment of stepson from the center. Division of Bihar giving 75% of mineral resources to 25% of people of southern part and putting the other 75 percent people just on the mercy of rain has just emphasized upon this fact. Some project has to be developed to channelize water in Bihar the proper way to avoid flood and death of poor. And this is the duty of whole country.

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Sharad Desai
Laloo and Bihar
by Sharad Desai on May 21, 2004 09:48 PM

No, your concern is not BIHAR. Your concern is to weaken the cases against you. Thats why you are asking for Home Ministry. People of Bihar should throw away you from the politics.

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Rajeev Pareek
We know very well how concern you are Laloo ji
by Rajeev Pareek on May 21, 2004 03:06 PM

Ruling Bihar since so many years how sincerely you have shown your concern about Bihar now!

Have you made any sincere efforts to uplift the poor people of Bihar, to educate them, to provide good health to them, to provide proper roads to transport, to provide social justice freely without fear.

You got enough time and power to do so. But your political unwillingness to do so is main reason for keeping BIHAR behind in race of development.

As all know how votes are polled in BIHAR the countermanding of CHHAPRA election where Laloo Ji himself is fighting election is clear example of polling in Bihar.

Hence claiming on the having people Mandate is also and insult to Bihar's people.

How we can trust him seeing so much contradiction in his statements for example He speaks MAINE PANCH PRIME MINISTER BANAYE HAI but he is running for becoming Home Minister.

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Prashant Sharma
by Prashant Sharma on May 21, 2004 03:02 PM

Lallo is shameless character.He and his family has ruined bihar in last 10 years.He has done nothing in Bihar.Elections are farce in Bihar.All his energy goes in just saving his chair.And now he says that he wants to become Home Minister because he wants to give a fair representation to Bihar!! He is concerned about Bihar and the developments in bihar can be done only when he is a senior minister!! But he must remember that he is ruling bihar since last 10 years and what development he has been able to give to Bihar in last 10 years!! And mind he is the same guy who said that "Development does not win you election"!!!

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What have you done in all these years of power
by Ravi on May 21, 2004 02:07 PM

If Laloo is so passionate and sincere about developing Bihar, he would have done atleast something in all these years of power.
It is a pity that Bihar, a state with a glorious past, is in this situation where it is the poorest of the states in the country.
I dont know when Bihar will be freed of this burden.

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What a joke !!!
by RR on May 21, 2004 01:33 PM

This is really amusing and unfortunate at the same time to read such statements and Laloo thinks that people will believe in his story.
This is a guy who is involved in one of the biggest scams in indian history, looting tax payers money 'charaa ghotala etc..'. And no he has guts to ask for special package to solve Bihar's economic woes. He is at the first place responsible for the problems, owing to his inefficiencies, corruption and law & order problems, industries have moved out of state and there is ZERO investments in Bihar. No amount of package will help Bihar if politicians like laloo are at helm. It will be simply used to fill his and his cronies coffers. Central goverment should ask for explaination of his usage of state-funds for all these years his party has been in power. There has to be some accountability of tax-payers money.

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