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Education: Six per cent of GDP

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India-China war reasons
by DPKumar on Jul 06, 2004 08:35 PM

There are few reasons why there was India China war.
India used to get free wheet from US under PL 420
Tibet is in a strategic centre between China, India, Afghan, Pakistan, Russia.
US wanted to send in their Military to Tibet to keep it as their base.
India permitted US military and supplies to move through India. China objected to it. India pleaded panch-sheel.
There qwas no other go. China took control of Tibet.
India protested and made hue and cry. So came there the India -China war.
2)RSS has no definite principle. It never supported quit India.It never worked for freedom of India. It opposed all actions of congress. It was and is the sibling of CIA. Born to oppose communism it can go to any extent killing innocent Hindus and Muslims.
If they were standing for "Akhand Bharat" they should have definite plans for the same. They must tell us where people of other religions to live. Akhand Bharat as per our scriptures is the world. Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu is the prayer. What does "Twayaa Hindu-Bhoome Sukham Vardhithoham"? I have chanted this for full 12 years of my child-hood. I still do not undertand what RSS stand for and what solutions they have other than hate!

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Govt to reverse 'communalisation' of education
by Anubhav on May 22, 2004 05:31 AM

Is the Govt to reverse on 'communalisation' of education or also stop "communistization" of education also. The common man of India has no intrest in knowing what has happened in Russian revolution.

Will they teach our students what was the role of communists in 1942 Quit India movement? Or that is also saffronization?
Will they tell our students that China has illegally occupied parts of Kashmir and Arunachal? Or that is also communalization?
Will they teach us that Tibet was illegally invaded by China and Tibetians are taking refuge in India? Or will they harp on Iraq war only?

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