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UPA to make riot federal offence

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Good move by UPA
by azam on May 22, 2004 01:57 AM

This is one of the positive and honestly well thought ideas to change the suffering lower class and lower middle class of indians. I wish good luck for those people who are going to work on this. I am really impressed by this. I was tired and sick by the comments of indians those who are previlieged, belong to upper class (caste) and have strong support for the parties like VHP, RSS, and BJP...etc.
Its really painful to see that most of the comments in favor of BJP on internet because only people who blongs to above mentioned class have greater access to computer, internet and other luxury. they don't care about the poor suffering class and want more for their livlihood even if they have to cross on the dead bodies of these hated, haunted, poor, tortured indian people.
I wish UPa should work out on these policy so that every indian should feel safe, secure and respected.

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