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US Sikhs happy with Congress

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That's great news!
by Prabal on May 21, 2004 09:54 AM

That's great news that US Sikhs are supporting our New PM considering the fact that over the years that they did not consider themselves Indians but Khalitanis and has supported various sundry operating in league with our "friendly" neighbour Pakistan. Though to give them the credit they had discovered the virtues of being Indian after 9/11 when Americans started beating and killing them.

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Pradeep Gajjar
Dr. Manmohan Singh is an Indian first - and foremost
by Pradeep Gajjar on May 21, 2004 04:51 AM

Dr Rajwant Singh, has perhaps been in US too long to view all of this from a narrow perpective of minorities.

India has a long tradition of having leaders from all communities; take a look at the bureaucracy, army, sports, culture, films, industry, finance etc etc. If you have grown up in India, and are in touch with it, there is none of this bogus "minority" issue, and Indians don't gloat over and make a big deal if some person from a minority gets a position - we mostly don't think in those terms. Growing up in India, we had people from all communities and religions in one class, and they never felt any different.

In US it is a different story where there has allways been a glass ceiling for minorities of all categories. So maybe Dr Rajwant Singh is looking at all this from the myopic eyes of an average person in US - where till date no one other than a white skinned, Christian as been selected for the top spot.

For us Indians its no big deal to rejoice. We only feel thrilled that someone who has the knowledge and integrity has got the top spot and he will further strengthen India.

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