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Hope and despair at Janpath

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comment/s on sonia gandhi/10 janpath/ rediff stroies
by someetraw on Feb 23, 2005 02:01 PM

from the rediff stories on 10 janpth and sonia gandhi, it is amply clear that Sonia Gandhi should now rpt now take over as the Prime Minister of the country if she wants to see the country called India progress along the lines she had advocated during her electioneering campaigns in the 2004 Parliament election campaigns. Before and/or after taking over as the PM, she should not bother about the numerous (may be) slanderous rumours she may be sujected to. She should not heed to all that bunkum (simply because they are all part and parcel of the power game in the country). Instead, she should pounce upon the kursee which now seems to be fading away from her, thanks to the tactful tactics adopted by the present powers that are. She should now realise that power needs to be snatched and will not be given to her if she wants to ptotect the name of the Nehru-Gandhi for long many years to come.

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