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Text of Sonia Gandhi''s speech

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anjali chauhan
Sonia Gandhi refusal for PM
by anjali chauhan on May 19, 2004 02:38 PM

In my opinion Sonia Gandhi has made the right decision , she has heard her inner voice and probably most of the Indians inner voice too.
I strongly believe as per the constitutional laws as well that PM of our country must be the natural born citizen of India.

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Mir Mohiuddin Ali
Sonia's Decision
by Mir Mohiuddin Ali on May 19, 2004 12:49 PM

We have accepted her to be an Indian. She had been married to the ex PM of India. She has got kids from him. Now we have given election ticket to her, then there is no point to oppose her premiership. Don't be nonsense and egotic. After all we have a secular India and we should be franchize to use our rights.

Give it a try and will not loose anything.

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by asif on May 19, 2004 12:25 PM

Excellent Sonia ! Wot a wonderful and meaningful speech,today not only India but the whole world needs such leaders,who sacrifices,so that the communal faces should not come in to force and should not create any unwanted issues such as Foreign Origin.

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Who is Indian?
by shyam on May 19, 2004 12:06 PM

I think BJP people have much to learn from Sonia on "indianness". i dont think any BJP leader would have rejected the oppurtunity with 325 MPs ready to support.

It was a personal fight b/w sonia and vajpayee as BJP claimed. Sonia win Vaj lost. I respect sonia so much and think this will increase in coming days. sushama who cant win an election agaist her revolt against the will of the people. i dont think she has any right. BJP and its leaders in particular are envious about sonias success and charisma.

but on the other hand sonia showed restraint, showed no ego, didn't reciprocate the ugly and malicious campaign against her. who is indian? modi/mahajan/sushama/bharati or SONIA? you decide.

BJP leaders are yet to come out of their supreme mentality. They should start learning how to respect woman, how to acknowledge others and how to keep on to values in personal and public life. Till then they will be neglected by the people who believe that it is sonia who is indian and not the sangh fellows.

My congrats to Madam Sonia. Let sushama and bharati go to hell. I dont need any other proof from her about her indianness or nationalism or love for the country. BJP exposed

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