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BJP brass to take stock today

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The results are a reminder to the saffron.
by chanakya on May 14, 2004 11:11 AM

Reminding them tersely what saffron, by default, means.

And rebuking BJP for having opted for forgetting what the saffron originally stood for.

RSS repeatedly reminded the BJP but in futility.

There is still time to mend.

In terms of pure safed topi, and pure saffron, the former is only 7 seats ahead of the saffron.

Going strictly by the stringent standards of what a genuine mandate would mean, the safed topi is chosen for less than even one-third of the total seats declared.

Literally the new government would just be a new avtar of an NDA only with only a change in the partners.

BJP had no mandate of its own in the previous NDA.

Similarly, INC has no, repeat NO, clear mandate in the new version of the NDA.

On the contrary, the vaam-panthis may make the crown a much more thornier affair for the new PM of the new version of the NDA.

This cannot under any circumstances be termed as a personal victory of Sonia Gandhi or the Safed Topi (read Congress).

If anyone is saying it is a "congress wave" it is just a big nonsense.

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