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Sonia: Queen of the common man

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Sonis:Queen of the comman man
by t.d.s.sundharam on May 19, 2004 10:04 PM  | Hide replies

Well, its a great augary that Mrs.Sonia Gandhi demonstrated a true leadership coupled with sacrifice.

This reminds about Swamy Vivekanandas statement,"give me a few men and women who are selfless,I shall shake this world"

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi has lived upto the Indian tradition which perhaps has gone un-noticed by the so called opposition who knows only to oppose anything done by the ruling party, be it good or bad, proving themselves to be a flock of sheep with no direction, and as such misleading the gullible public!!
International Supervisor for a global organisation having its presence in 58 countires!!

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MP Raju
RE:Sonis:Queen of the comman man
by MP Raju on Jun 11, 2004 06:01 PM
The Sonia's true colors are out as she has started backseat driving by asking confidential files to be shown to her which is dangerous to the country itself.

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Basavaraj M Hulloli
Sonia has every right to be PM
by Basavaraj M Hulloli on May 19, 2004 07:21 PM

As per the 12 th century Basava Philosphy of Lingayat sect "A woman is not a woman,woman is not demon,Women is God herself".We should truly believe in this philosophy that Woman has all the rights political,social and economic.A factor of BAHU,MAA OR BEHAN doesnt come into picture when it comes to their political,social or economic rights which has truly been adopted by our Constitution.Constituion doesnot discriminate on the basis of sex,caste,color or creed.They why should we not appreciate Sonia being PM just because she is a Woman or of Foreign orgin.
somebody has made a remark that Soniaji doesnt know the problems of India just because she is foreign orgin or Soniaji is not intelligent enough to manage the state of affairs of India.This remark is VERY ABSURD.we cannot say that only Indian born Citizens are capable of solving Indian problems or only India born Citizens are patriotic and other citzens not.If somebody doubts about the Soniajis Intelligence it is absurd or being foolish to talk about somebodys intellectual capacity.HAS ANY BODY GOT A SCALE TO MEASURE THE POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE?.The performance as PM will be a decisive factor in measuring the Intelligence .

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