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My mother is my hero: Rahul

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Who is Sonia?
by Vikram on May 14, 2004 03:30 AM

The congress performance under the leadership of a little known housewife shows that a common person too can aspire to be the leader of the biggest democracy...

Hmm, but ome to think of it, Sonia is the grand-daughter-in-law of Nehru and that makes her... prime minsterial material?????? And here I was drowned in my delusions of India having matured as a democracy. I guess this is what 13 years of non-dynastic governments can do : Make one forget that we still live in a country where skin color, family name, fake academic degrees and intoxicating wealth still matter!!

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Khandu Patel
Constitutional Fault Lines
by Khandu Patel on May 14, 2004 01:54 AM

I well understand Rahuls feelings. A real issue that exist on the rules that should apply to the holders of the highest office in the land leave no room for hurt.

If Rahul had asked himself whether he could in theory hold the office of the United States President, the answer is in the negative. You have to have been born an American. No such rule applies to the holder of the Prime Ministers office in the United Kingdom but then sovereignty lies in the Queen as for the issue not to arise, and as she is the final arbiter in the Prime Ministers appointment, the rule is not necessary.

As an Italian born, the constitution still excludes Mrs Gandhis appointment because the Italian constitution does not reciprocate Bharats open-ended invitation. Where I agree with Rahul is that the BJP instead of seeking to amend the faults personalised the issue. Constitutional questions are symptomatic of more serious questions of leadership.

Britains best efforts were wasted on Bharats insistence on pursuing a past that had long since ceased to be relevant. As a great admirer of ancient Rome, Mrs Gandhi could do nothing worse than imitate the worst faults of the people of Bharat.

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