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Cong used BJP strategy: Mahajan

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Dinkar B. Koppikar
Congress used BJP strategy
by Dinkar B. Koppikar on May 14, 2004 01:25 AM

A quick analysis of voting pattern against seats won shows that both Congress and BJP lost in terms of voting percentage, Congress interestingly more than even BJP, but both had alliances with several regional parties and the choice of Congress proved to be more fortunate than BJP's. Most of these smaller regional parties are in fact frustrated and ambitious regional leaders with base around caste or region and sort of negotiate with BJP or Congress for power sharing. Since power is essentially zero sum game and sum total of power abitions in the winning alliance inevitably exceeds total available power. Ruling combine tries to accommodate by expanding ministries and/or formation of new states, but inevitably the expansion of such diluted power is always way behind escalating ambitions. Constitution needs to be amended to make state service oriented towards people. One way is to hold primary election in which voters are asked to endorse candidates by postal ballots mailed to them and only two top most are allowed to contest in final election. Parties will know in advance what to expect inelection and even if two party system is not guaranteed, this system will help its emergence.

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