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Marad goes off netas'' radar

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Lallubhai Mistry
Kerala The Communal Killings.
by Lallubhai Mistry on May 08, 2004 03:05 PM

Dear Sir

No political parties should be allowed to create division between any community or religious groups.

Political leadership shoud be about facilitating prosperity for all based on secular constitution. No community should be a minority. Every one should feel Indian and take their rightful place in prosperity togather. Religious institutions and religious have role to facilitate deeper understanding of individual's spirituality. If every group work towards this goal then with spirituality will come humanity and humility. The identification as a Hindu or Christian or a Muslims or a Jew or any other will only be a his/her affiliation to worship. In every other respect they are human of Indian Nationality and they same stake in creating better living condition for them selves and their fellow human beings.


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