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NDA may fall short of majority

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by krharsha on May 06, 2004 03:42 PM

as we are in to the last around of polls. let me tell you that this exit polls are showing like a share market business type. whwre they talk up & down. herealso exit polls ststed nda led bjp will swwep, later polls telling that simple majority is difficult. people may change their mindset in the shares as it is related to money but i don't find people finding change in the politics as this fast. so i find that the exit polls conducting are some how not to the perfect.

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by Abhishek on May 06, 2004 01:21 PM

Why all channel is saying that Congress w'll not win more than 15 seats in Uttar Pradesh.According to me congress is going to give unexpected results in Uttar Pradesh as well as all over INDIA.

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Dr. Tirath Garg
exit polls and final outcome
by Dr. Tirath Garg on May 06, 2004 08:46 AM

All channels have been changing their figures with every phase of election. I strongly feel that NDA will not get the magic figure of 272 on May 13. In all probability it will get 244 seats well short of 272. Even the slightest fall in the outgoing tally of NDA and BJP respectively i.e.291 & 183 should be treated as moral defeat for Vajpayee, BJP & NDA who have created a psuedo Vajpayee wave with active connivance of media barons who have become big corporates for whom feel good is a reality and India shines.
If NDA falls short of 272 may be by a single seat then Mr. Vajpayee should display the real statesmanship and accept his moral defeat and should refuse to form the government because it will be formed by worst ever horse trading lead by none other than the great Vajpayee and he will keep on selling the principles and ethics for the next five years to sustain his government by keeping the allies and supporters in good humour. If he has slightest respect for ethics and has no lust for further power as he has enjoyed for quite a long time, then he should refuse to head next government.

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