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Priyanka to go on a yatra?

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Prinyanka on yatra
by pushpa on Apr 10, 2004 02:12 AM

priyanka should author her own vision document for India and then take on yatras or padyatras. She is a down to earth person and understands India in its entirety. People of India love her for her straightforward approach to issues. She should undertake yatras when she is fully prepared to share her vision of India that she would like to give to the people of this country.

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priyanka to go on yatra
by vishwanath on Mar 29, 2004 06:21 PM

very good

when mr advani started off yatra it was babri masjid

now priyanka what next............?

but i am all for congress for good or for worst
and she is ms indira in making.

good luck to you priyaka & rahul and only hope the message reaches you.

vishwanath bangera.

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Rajendra Bongale
Priyanks's yatra
by Rajendra Bongale on Mar 29, 2004 06:13 PM

When Advani started his Bharat Uday yatra, these congress men said that its reaction to Sonia's so called jan sampark abhiyaan.Whether that has failed?otherwise why this yatra again? Is it a gimmick and reaction to Advani's Barat uday yatra? Let any tricks congress men play they will not come to power.If they retain the strenght they had in earlier lok sabha then it will be a great achievement.They have fooled this country for 45 years. now they can any more.

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Reena Jacob
Priyanka's Yatra
by Reena Jacob on Mar 29, 2004 05:53 PM

This Yatra is unwarranted. Congress was critical about Advani's Yatra and why is Priyanka doing it?

My suggestion would be that congress, which is a party with not much of hope to win this election should nominate Priyanka for Sriperumbudur consituency, where Rajiv was assasinated.

All the three members of the family should divide the country into three parts and strengthen the party which is highly disorganised at the moment. They have to learn from BJP which has a clear hierarchy

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rath yatra
by varadarajan on Mar 29, 2004 03:11 PM

It is better if the political parties emphasise on development programmes rather than these rath yatras.

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