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The Rahul Gandhi interview

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Syed Ali
India Will Progress Only If
by Syed Ali on Jul 15, 2011 09:50 PM

As we ask all the time about the progress of India but never supported for,
The basic issue in the whole country is a politics others countries have only two parties but we have several.
India can progress if we have only two them there will be progress in Country, Education, Culture etc.
I support to Mr Rahul Gandhi, but the Indian Government never support to a person telling truth .

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Ananya Mathur
All the best!
by Ananya Mathur on Apr 29, 2004 10:49 PM

Just a few lines to say how impressed I am with Rahul Gandhi's dignified, intelligent and quietly confident demeanour. Love them or hate them, one has to admit that no other Indian family has willingly sacrificed as much for the nation as the Nehru-Gandhi parivaar. Rahul and Priyanka (and no, certainly NOT Feroze Varun!) clearly embody this spirit of service and their charisma, compassion and sincerity is undeniable. As a young person in 21st century India, I know I speak for countless others when I say that I am fed up of being 'governed' by 80-year-olds who spare no effort to remain in power, national interest be damned. I applaud Rahul's entry into Indian politics and wish him a long and illustrious innings.

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premkumar cdb
New brand of politics- says Rahul
by premkumar cdb on Apr 25, 2004 04:30 PM

Yes partly right. politics in India do not need any new brand, just because all types of brands were experimented hitherto, and proved to its testing time, that is why we are at the cross roads now.

It is better Rahul groups up new blood into politics, rather than expermenting new brand for the old rot.

Truth; ofcourse is the first word missing in the dictionary of the Indian politicians. Of the 68 crore population entitled to vote or contest the Loksabha elections, hardly are there any politician who can claim to be speaking truth to the salt of his duties and responsibilities, that is because there is no ACCOUNTABILITY on the part of the politicians of this contry, and there is no power or law in the country to CALL BACK the politician if he fails to deliver the goods.

Once the Accountability is fixed and restored; and the power to call back the politicians by the voter is embeded in the constitution, than can; Rahul live upto his expectations of the words Truth and Service to people.

I wish Rahul bestows his abilities on these two issues first,once elected, instead of getting drowned in the Murki and filthy politics of India.

Good luck Rahul.

Premkumar cdb

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Ananya Mathur
Finally, an honest politician!
by Ananya Mathur on Apr 25, 2004 01:30 PM

We Indians are always complaining about the poor quality of politicians in this country. Our Parliament comprises all manner of scamsters, crooks, religious bigots, and criminals. Who elects them? We do! And when a transparently sincere, bright and honest young person like Rahul shows the courage to come forth and make a difference, who tries their hardest to pull him down? We do! It's time for a change. It's time for decency in public life. Let's cut across petty party affiliations to wholeheartedly support fresh, honest and intelligent people in the political arena. Good luck to you, Rahul, may the Almightly bless you abundantly.

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Sunil Chauhan
Good Luck, Rahul!
by Sunil Chauhan on Apr 25, 2004 01:05 PM

Thanks for featuring an interview with Rahul Gandhi. It is admirable that Rahul has taken the decision to enter politics despite being assured of a very comfortable and secure life outside it. The intentions of his cousin Feroze Varun Gandhi don't seem as noble, especially considering his immature, thinly-veiled barbs against Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The dignified silence that Rahul and Priyanka have maintained speaks volumes about their inherent decency. Here's wishing Rahul Gandhi a long and illustrious innings in Parliament.

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Rakhee Kaushik
We'll have to wait and see
by Rakhee Kaushik on Apr 24, 2004 07:08 PM

Just because they were "To the Manor Born" doesn't make Rahul and Priyanaka good politicians. The one good thing about them is that they are good-looking, young, educated people with global insights and with the right kind of bureaucratic and coterie, they can do a good job for India and our image.

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Kuldeep Kumar
No No No
by Kuldeep Kumar on Apr 24, 2004 03:00 AM

We do not need Secularism in our country, we need Nationlism. Let's not mix up Secularism with nationalism. Can someone please write few columns to debate Nationalism with secularism. I want Nationalism in India. I wanna be a proud Indian. I wanna see tringa fly all across the land with passion. I wanna see Indians proud of their country. Don't why the crap about secularism.

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Best wishes
by Faiyaz on Apr 24, 2004 12:46 AM

Hi Rahul,
All the best. Kick out the communal forces and make India a beautiful place to live. I am currently in UK but hope that you will be successful oneday. keep it up.

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