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Soundarya dies in plane crash

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by Deepak on Apr 17, 2004 02:20 PM

Its a such shocking news, The South Indian Film Industry has lost a very talented Actress. She had done a very good work in her Latest Nation Award Winning Kannada Film "Dweepa".

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K. Venkatesh
Fragility of life
by K. Venkatesh on Apr 17, 2004 02:14 PM

The untimely death of a young person at some social level that other human beings are not entitled to goes on to show how fragile life could be. Be it actress Soundarya or the late Balayogi, Speaker in Lok Sabha, or Mahavarao Scindia and Rajesh Pilot, the Congressmen, these people had lot of life left in them. If you believe in some thing called fate, it has handed them an untimely exit from their busy lives. Their followers and fans are saddened at their lives suddenly snatched away by non-natural causes. The death of John F. Kennedy (Jr.) along with his wife and sister-in-law left a huge vacuum in human mind thinking how fragile life could be. We pray let their souls rest in peace.

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K. Rajaiah
by K. Rajaiah on Apr 17, 2004 02:14 PM

Very Very Sad news for South Indians as she is a good actress.

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Miss her
by Ranjith on Apr 17, 2004 02:10 PM

i was shocked to read that she is no more , the total
south india have missed a greattt actress, my condolance to her family, to tell about her it cannot be put in common words, will wish to say she was really great .

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by johnbosco on Apr 17, 2004 02:06 PM

She was a good actress and influenced the heart of South India through her ability.Cini World missed only the physical body,but her soul will remain forever. My hearty condolence to our beloved artist

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my condulence
by Nagesh on Apr 17, 2004 01:59 PM

It is very sad news for all of us.
my deep condulence to her.

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Ram Shankar
it's a gr8 loss for tamil,telugu film fans
by Ram Shankar on Apr 17, 2004 01:52 PM

it's a tragedy.it really is.soundarya is a gr8 actress also involved in the parallel cinema circuit.her sudden demise is a huge loss to all the tamil,telugu and kannada film fans.

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by Pratap on Apr 17, 2004 01:48 PM

itz a very sad day for us who loves her.

shz gr8 actress like vetaran savithri....

her soul may peace ................

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very loss in telugu industary
by seetharamireddy on Apr 17, 2004 01:46 PM

soundarya is very acting person in telugu industry

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