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The Lion in Winter

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Khurana V/s Alka Lamba
by K.A.Khan on Nov 24, 2003 06:49 PM

Neither I am interested in Khuran nor Alka. But I am certainly tired of these old people whoi are clinging to power. Whenever you see Khurana on TV his moth is wide open looking for food. He presented himself in very poor showing against Shiela Dixit.

He is famous for writing a letter in fovour of one person and writing against the same person on the request of that person's opponent.

No one can predict a poll result. In 1977 congress and more particularly Indira Gandhi never expected defeat at the hands of Raj Narain. It will only be known on 4th December till both should count their number. During the last one week I have seen hkurana claiming 65 seats how you have reduced the figure to 45?

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monica chandok
the lion in winter
by monica chandok on Nov 24, 2003 02:29 PM

It is high time he should retire and let new generation take over. Now politics is about money and power and ideolgoy has lost its meaning across all political parties. BJp has dishearened the people. It was the last hope. Look at scam after scam but noting happens.Where the morals gone? Look at the case of defence of Mr.Judeo by Mr. Advani and Mr. Vajpayee. The exposure is good for the country even if it turns out to be sting operation. The country need an enlightened dictator wtih a missionary zeal to set right things.

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Sukumar Azhikode
bye bye khurana
by Sukumar Azhikode on Nov 24, 2003 11:46 AM

Its time to say good bye to the old CORRUPT politicians, and to welcome the new generation. Congress ki jai.

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