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BJP wins semis 3-1

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Aboobakar Panoor
by Aboobakar Panoor on Dec 08, 2003 11:35 PM

BJP win can be attributed to the renunciation of commuanl politics. People have accepted a team that promise development. People want basic necessities like clean drinking water, jobs, roads, power and health. They do not care mandir politics. If BJP continues to do good work, they will continue to rule the country. They should shed their Hindutwa plank and then for another 100 years they will be our true rulers. Congress is a party that has no direction. Let BJP work for the national upliftment, if it wants to remain in power. Otherwise, be ready to get out.

Aboobakar Panoor

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Divya Sharma
if only...
by Divya Sharma on Dec 04, 2003 10:34 PM

This victory would be meaningful for the BJP, if only they learn from the earlier defeats and close calls. I definitely look forward to BJP sweeping the loksabha poll in 2004, if only these politicians finally get some active will to build this nation of unlimited potentials, in to a reality.
good luck!

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Finals is for congress...
by sabir on Dec 04, 2003 09:26 PM

Indian as people to extent see's regional issues and other local issues. There is always a Anti-incrumbency factor in any case,People always try for a change, Unfortunately Congress was the victim in this case.Thanks to Extraord performance of the Legend @ New Delhi(Sheila Dikshit)who had dimnished the Anti-Inc factor and succeeded.Difference could be seen in the Lok Shaba Elections,Congress have a upper edge due to Anti-inc of present union Govt. National Issues will win in Lok Shaba Elections

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Madhukar Tagare
elections in 4 states
by Madhukar Tagare on Dec 04, 2003 09:08 PM

The Cobngress party under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi has failed. The members infighting and lackless leadership has brought this situation, and it is warning for the leadership to mend the situation or otherwise there would be no chances for it in the Loksabha elections.

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Women power?
by Tushar on Dec 04, 2003 08:55 PM

The goras is the West do not mince words when talking about Indian bias for men. However, while USA still awaits its first woman president, India has had woman as prime minister long time back.
Now, within a week or so India will have Jayalalitha, Rabri Devi, Sheila Dixt, Uma Bharati and Vasundhararaje in CM's chair, ruling about half the population of India. (Is is a BJP sweep or women sweep? Only one exception inthe semi-final, either way!) And may be another woman PM in less than a year.....? (Am I pointing to Sonia or Priyanka? Keep guessing !)

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Dr Aboobakar Thwahir
BJP win:
by Dr Aboobakar Thwahir on Dec 04, 2003 07:48 PM

BJP win can be attributed to the success of communal politics. It is bad for the country in the long run. All rabidly communal parties will get upper hand in the states and they will poison the minds of the people and try to remain in power. Congress should change its approach to problems and should be bolder if it wants to come to power.

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Its Medias Defeat
by Amrish on Dec 04, 2003 07:38 PM

Its more of a defeat for the Englis Media in India which has not bothered to face facts & give facts to Indian people.
They tried it in Gujarat & later everywhere. Specially the NDTV breed.
The media's favourite game of BJP-bashing & Congress-favoring , has fallen on its face.

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