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by hazra on Sep 28, 2023 12:06 PM

India has Won the Asia Cup Final but not with great Ordeal, There is still a Hick up into its Batting and there is no Better Evident than the Match against SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH and very Recently against Australia in its Final One Dyer's. And there is much to do with its Batting Order and the Team Combination which can't just be a Permanent Set up in International Set up be it any Game what so ever. It is High time India should set the Tone before it is too late to be there in the World Cup. And for that to Happen India should alter the Positions of its Batters. India made a Big Mess up not having a Left Hander in the Middle, which could have make the Balance in the Team and also could have rattle the Opposition in its Bowling Line Up. The Way we had Grumped and Gasped with Surya Kumar Yadav as if the Fortune of the Indian Team depends upon him. In the Last but Last World Cup we had Vijay Shankar and in the Last World Cup we had Dinesh Kartik who proved to be a Gimmick in the Middle and so will be Surya in this World Cup because all are a Big Fuss. Surya is still in the T-20 Frame of Mind which one can't take out from his Mind. More so the Think tank of the Team Management has to be Changed, what we need is to keep the Momentum, like Rohit Sharma Says he does not count too Much about the Loss here and There. A loss to Pakistan in Sharjah we had to carry the Burden for Six years to which we could not won against Pakistan. Such is the Magnanimity of Indian Cricket.

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