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by on Jan 13, 2022 09:29 PM  | Hide replies

This greedy cricketers should be sacked. Even think about removal of Virat Captaincy.

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by jkj on Jan 13, 2022 11:08 PM
.Selectors appear to have unbelievable faith and patience in their case. Or, is there some other reason? They should have been kicked out long back. On the other hand, Rishabh Pant was on chopping block but he scored more than rest of the team combined. I think selectors should also take a break as they are faltering, probably due to overwork and overstress.

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V Vaidya
pujara and rahane
by V Vaidya on Jan 13, 2022 07:33 PM  | Hide replies

both of them should take break themself
play domestic cricket for some time and give chance to hanuman vihari and iyer chance to show their capabilities

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Re: pujara and rahane
by jkj on Jan 14, 2022 09:49 PM
If India can not find replacement for Pujara, Rahane and the Captain, then Indian Cricket is in its worst phase.

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