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by hazra on Mar 27, 2021 04:54 PM

The way the Indian Bowlers has been Decimated in the Last O.D.I by the English Bowlers it looked like they were not just Hapless but also Hopeless too. And it is not the Ist Time that they are being Plummeted but again in Australia not so long ago they are being put into Sword.

But what are the Reasons?

The Indian Bowlers comes up with lot of Promises but just to Fade Away in couple of Months or in a Couple of Series too. Firstly we don't have proper Bowling Coach not even the Proper Batting Coach because Shastri does not want anybody to wheel the Sword on to him and more so the Indians as always feels that they are the Best and needs no Lesson to Learn. This is a Perennial and Perpetual Habit of Indians.

The way Kuldeep Yadav was Bowling it appeared that it is for the First Time he had been put into Cricket Field and a Lot had been Talked about his Mystery not so long ago and now he looks like a Pedestrian just walked into the Field and so is the Case of most Indian Bowlers they just Starts with a Bang and ends with a Whimper. And it is just not a One of Situation and unless Indian Bowlers Learns the Basics even a Score of 400 is not sufficient to Defend and Do Ravi Shastri Listens to this?

And of Late there is a Lot of Debate over the Viraat and Rohit and their Love and Hate Relationship. If there is anything to do with both of them should be thrown out of the Game of Cricket and ask they to play any other Game at their Courtyard.

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venkataraman srinivasan
by venkataraman srinivasan on Mar 27, 2021 04:36 PM

Please include Tamilnadu Fast bowlder yarkar Thangarasu Natarajan you will see the best result why Tamilnadu is omitted

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