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dinesh b daga
Congratulations to the New Leader In INdian Cricket !!
by dinesh b daga on Jan 20, 2021 06:45 PM

Everyone wants to utilize the opportunity and wants to make a mark on the World Stage, being NOTICED world over when you beat Australia on Home Turf in a convincing manner !! Again who performs in Australia, becomes star Overnight !! As Leadership ALWAYS MATTERS and 3 cheers to Rahane !! Australians cannot "JEET" "AJINKYE" who has shown extra ordinary Temperament and Formidable Leadership Skills !! Congratulations to All team members for extra ordinary performance !! This is the WIN after Cherished world Cup WIN !! will be remembered for long time to come as it has come playing 4th in the test series after loosing TOSS !!

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Pradeep Shakelly
Congratulations India
by Pradeep Shakelly on Jan 20, 2021 05:06 PM

Whilst there have been quite a few ecstatic moments in the series down-under, my personal best has to be Shardul's exemplary batting display- he mesmerised with his fluent stroke play. What a craftsmanship- strokes straight from cricketing text book- drives at its best. He played like a mainstream No. 3/4 batsman����

Looks like Teams have taken a que from Trump's one liner & making a statement: Let's make Tests great again...or rather Tests remain great for eternity...

Can't wait for the series against the English- its gonna be interesting!

Congratulations India! Stay healthy stay safe...

Best regards
Pradeep Shakelly

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vikramaditya bhatia
Amazing win of India
by vikramaditya bhatia on Jan 20, 2021 04:24 PM

India's cricket team's victory is quite surprising as the men in blue were battered an bruised with injuries to main bowlers and without Kohli jadeja,Bumrah, team of lesser and new names like Gill,Siraj, Pant, Rahane pulled it off with Pant showing his terrific form to decimate Australia with batting prowess.Hats off to each Member,coaches and staff. Wish all the Good luck for the England series. Vikramaditya Bhatia,New Delhi

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Pradeep Shakelly
My take on the Test series down under
by Pradeep Shakelly on Jan 20, 2021 03:26 PM

What a scintillating Test series we've witnessed. No one can deny that its been a compelling series- It swung both ways on more occasions than expected. But the good thing is we got to see the better side of the Indian team specially, the batting depth which otherwise has been overlooked/underrated...

It is said that- A Team is as good as its bench strength and India has proved this point. India has a problem of aplenty now! And any team would love to have this problem given the amount of cricket being played in this modern era. Thanks and No Thanks to IPL for reasons well known...

Coming back to the Test series, it's a befitting reply by Team India to all those who keep backing Aus for everything & anything. They can now keep pondering on what could have been done differently...

India proved why they are a Top 3 Test side - kudos to the heroics that was on display��������
Someone said, they, the Aussies hunt in pack but, least expected was the stiff Indian response 'We hound you back'����

You hunt in pack; We hound you back- period! The Aussies had to learn the hard way to stop messing with Team India ��

This series will be cherished for long time. It has for sure given us stories to remember, stories to tell, share and the case studies (that are in the making) on how to deal with challenges during adversities ...

Whilst there have been quite a few ecstatic moment

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Greatest Ever Win
by Krishnamoorthy on Jan 20, 2021 09:27 AM

This series will be remembered for long time and also will be a learning lesson for rest of all the teams of how to play modern day test cricket as everybody is focusing on money making T20 tournaments.

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