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Rajesh  Khanna
Should India Include Kuldeep
by Rajesh Khanna on Feb 12, 2021 11:38 AM

I think India is going to make 2 Changes in Playing eleven for 2nd Test Match.Axar Patel and Kuldeep should be given a Chance in place of Nadeem and Sundar.Axar and Kuldeep though both Left Handers are different bowlers and can be quite handy on Chennai Pitch,besides they will be difficult to sweep because of their Lengths and varied point of release ...

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by on Feb 11, 2021 04:57 PM

In Australia India were Battled, Bruised, Battered and Beleaguered after Kohli had Left for India for his Personal Reason albeit his Paternity But still India had Played like a Giant and Inspite of having all the Bulging in their Body, they were Mentally Strong and Played like a Champion under the Captaincy of Ajinkay Rahane,But Again in India came back into its Cropper under the Captaincy of Kohli. Then Where lies the Difference in Captaincy in between them. Is it too Much to do with the Captaincy or the Mental Set up of Both. KOHLI no doubt is a Far Better Player than Rahane but His Personal Ambiguity with the Game goes against him, that is why He could not win even One I.P.L even with the Best of PLAYERS in his Team. Another Purging Factor is his Relation with Ravi Shastri where he is Over Awed by the very presence of Shastri.

It is High time both should be Removed, one from the Team another from the Captaincy for the Betterment of Both for the Team as well as their Personal Front. Rahane for his Utter Failure in Indian Soil or Rohit for his Lackluster Approach is also not the Answer at least in Test Cricket in INDIA, but can Try out Pujara for his Cool and Cumbent Nature at least who will not Indulge in Sports Politics rather can Bring in some Discipline in Indian Cricket.

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sharad patil
by sharad patil on Feb 11, 2021 10:27 AM

there is cry for inclusion of kuildeep as if he has some majic. what difference Rohit and Ishant did make ?
its pet topic of so called experts to cry loud about imaginary concepts rather than advising to take catches,do sensible batting ,hard work and improve output

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Shilpa Mehta
by Shilpa Mehta on Feb 11, 2021 09:51 AM

There is no need to make too many changes .

Only KULDEEP should be brought in place of Nadeem .

Same Team will WIN next two games .

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