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Kannan Ramanan
Never Praise the Indian Team
by Kannan Ramanan on Feb 09, 2021 09:38 PM

It has been a habit that Indian cricketers get praise and success go to their head. This has been happening with a sickening regularity. One or two good innings, bowling instances, Public, Media go gaga over and start praising and then you see a big fall. Dominating, Authoritative and Good Teams dont perform like this. Agreed that one can't win everytime, but the way we fall is too good for comfort. We should have contained England and batted for atleast another 30-35 overs and 75-100 runs in the First innings so that the gap would have come down, and the last day would have possibly gone for a draw. Positivity and trying to win is good, but reality should also dawn on when to do that.

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India England Series
by KRISHNA MOORTI on Feb 09, 2021 05:47 PM

I think Rahane And Rohit have decided not to perform under Kohli,s Leadership. So If selectors are going to stay with Kohli, Please replace Rohit With RAhul and Rahane with Pandya in next game. Nadeem should make way for Kuldeep And sunder should be replaced if Jadeja is fit.

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