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IND vs ENG - The clash of Titans
by on Feb 04, 2021 09:33 AM

Season's greetings to All!

Test series is back!
Just a day to go.. for the much awaited clash of Titans (Ind vs Eng).

India's triumph against the Aussie juggernaut in the series down-under has evoked euphoria for all the right reasons. Whilst we expect the home side to continue the momentum, it'll not be an easy ride. Get set for an even-steven affair given the teams' lineup & their recent performances.

My feel is that- we, all the aesthetes of Test cricket should view the first game with open mind- w/o much ado. Whilst we are a world class team, the side tends to cut loose in the opening encouter(s) and as much making it a habit of coming from behind...��
We have been out there in that ragged place feeling frazzled, frustrated or angry & hurt, and at times looked out of alignment- but all this is part of the game��

In the aftermath of budget '21, appraisals, ratings, bonuses... the series will be a sigh of relief and all the sulking would fade away.

Hoping that series gets as much interesting as the attention it has garnered thus far...

Wishing you all a Happy season ahead...
Best regards ��������

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