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by PABITRA BANERJEE on Apr 27, 2021 03:42 PM

It is really ridiculous and the fact is that it also happens only in India. Here greater priority is always being given to entertainment and profit for the businessman and Political Leaders. That is why IPL and election is focused as the prime factor and the lives of the countrymen are secondary. By the way Mr. Tye many many thanks for your sympathetic attitude.

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Bhavneesh Sindhi
different perspective.
by Bhavneesh Sindhi on Apr 27, 2021 03:41 PM

relieve stress or give a glimmer of hope that the world is OK and there is light at the end of the tunnel,

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mihir mehta
by mihir mehta on Apr 27, 2021 01:25 PM

Here the population is too much ,here only people u see on T.V are important. ..cricketers , celebs , politicians .normal people go to H...22 covid bodies stuffed in 1 ambulance . this is how people are treated here...suffer , die ,

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dasharath patil
money spend on IPL
by dasharath patil on Apr 27, 2021 12:45 PM

Amit Shah son is on IPL board

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