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Shilpa Mehta
by Shilpa Mehta on Nov 28, 2020 01:57 PM

This is just one loss .

AUS will be considered superior to Team India only if

they whitewash IND in IND in any format of the game in

the same way India whitewashed AUS IN AUS 3-0 , not before that .

Team India also routed AUS 2-1 during their last visit in ODI & 3-1 in TESTS .

Also in WC last year on neutral venue .

So --- nothing great in this win .

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sujogya mishra
Indian Team should the Home Work Thoroughly .
by sujogya mishra on Nov 27, 2020 11:25 PM

Indian Team should do the Home Work Thoroughly before playing against Team Like Australia .Australian not like Indian Team They are true Professional They Play Cricket like Cricket.Our Play the game as if they are going to Australia for enjoyment.No Seriousness,surly they are going to loose the rest of the match also

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