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b n khazanchi
dhoni is smart
by b n khazanchi on Jul 22, 2020 08:12 AM

very smart Dhoni had a strike rate of 120 and average of 50 for first 5 6 years and the period along with sehwag yuraj zahir demolished pakistan once for all. however after becomming captain his strike rate has dropped but average is intact. these days his strike rate is 60 but avg. above 50 so india loses when he is at the crease. today his overall strike rate is 90 and average above 50 so nobody says drop him because of his stats. these days he does not care to win for india but only improves his average. however he continues to play very well for csk in ipl. also he tries to take matches to the last over so that he can hit max. runs in the last over of the match to become more famous. he has not lost any of his skill but yes he does not care about india winning but cares only for his record

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