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Shilpa Mehta
by Shilpa Mehta on Jan 25, 2020 10:25 AM

Its GOOD to see that Team India is not overdependent

on its top order . Yesterday Dhawan was not there & Hitman

didn't score much , still Team India managed to WIN

comfortably . Over the years IPL has changed the total

complexion of the game . Young talents is being developed

from grass root level . All these players like Iyer , Dube

Pandya , Manish Pande , Rana , DK , Saini , Chahar , Thakur

are findings of IPL . Standard of Indian cricket has

increased immensely over last few years . This was not the

case 10-15 years back .

But this IPL may spoil Test cricket , which feel bit boring .

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