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Well done Saini.
by Jayaprakash on Feb 08, 2020 07:29 PM

Well done Saini. It was unfotunate you could not connect that ball. But you played better than anyone in the team. Jadeja should have planned to finish the game by 49th over. That is why the pressure mounted on him. Also the celebration on reaching 50, it was unwanted while considering the situation. The biggest mistake India did is trying with two new openers. Rahul should have opened. Shivam Dubai should have been included in place of Kedar Yadav. Sanju Samson should have included in place of Mayanak. Rahul should have been relieved from wicket keeper responsibility. In 20:20 it may work, but not in 50 over match. He is the key player of the team and he should not me over utlized.

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