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Defending the corrupt Srinivasan
by SWARUP SARKAR on Aug 07, 2020 07:30 AM

Naresh Makani seems to be Srinivasan man. How can he defend the most corrupt Srinivasan? I don\'t know about Jay Shah. But Ganguly is the best man as BCCI President for our country. Even ICC wants him to lead the world body as Chairman. Let us be cautious of people like Srinivasan or Makani.

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Mohan Ranganathan
Ganguly and Junior Shah
by Mohan Ranganathan on Aug 06, 2020 10:40 AM

I think the induction of Jayant Shah into BCCI was done after the Senior Shah had a meeting with Ganguly. Both know their tenure will be for a short period very much at the time of acceptance of the post they are holding. I feel in Bengal next to Mamtha, Ganguly is the most popular public figure in Bengal and both are known to be close.Shah Sr is a shrewd politician and he may move any pawns to get benefit for his party and to move his son closer to Ganguly may be with a political intention only.Bengal is going for election shortly as all know. Ganguly to my knowledge may not fall for any bait,but when power and money are involved who is not flexible.

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