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by hazra on Nov 09, 2019 01:12 PM

It is often Found that our Youngsters Fails to flourish when they are grown in. Many Youngsters they Shows their Promise but fails to make a Cut in the Highest Level. One Big reason is that they are not groomed in but rather being put into the Fire when they are still Raw in Nature and has to Mature. If Rishab Pant has failed to live upto his Promise, it is the Selectors who are to be Blamed for their undoing. Rather they put the Sword on to their Neck for their Fault. The Selectors are just not there to Pie the Cake when it is Cooked but rather has to cook themselves which we never do. We have many Players who had donned there in the Under 19 and shown their Mettle but just Perishes when it matters the Most at the Highest Level, WHY ?

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