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Narendra Seksaria
Why only cover this match
by Narendra Seksaria on May 17, 2019 12:24 PM

IT is surprising that you have covered only this match and highlighted an extraordinary poor display by the girls. Why dont you cover their other matches also where they might be performing better. Common , women's cricket deserves better recognition now. At least they are now participating, otherwise who knew that Kasargod and Wayanad even had womens cricket teams and who knew that there is a Perinthalmanna Cricket stadium in Malappuram district. Pls do tell us which are the other womens cricket teams in India playing inter disctrict and what tournament are they playing just now. What is next level they will play after this and what is the route they will reach the national team. All Kudos to thesse girls for participating in a sport which was dominated by men till now. Juat see the heights the national women's team has reached. They are a bunch selected out of such girls only. They will certainly do better next time. Just go an encourage them. All the best

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Sandeep Singh
Interesting match
by Sandeep Singh on May 17, 2019 09:48 AM

this one can go even into Guinness book for its own record!!!

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